One in five Australian dogs suffer from arthritis. So what options are there for dogs to ease their pain and inflammation?

Rose-Hip Vital Canine is clinically proven, plant-based anti- inflammatory and immune system support for treating inflammation, maintaining healthy joints, supplementing nutrition and improving performance in dogs. It has great results for dogs of all ages who have arthritis. Veterinarian, Dr Camilla Brandt explains how arthritis can effect dogs.

“Arthritis can occur with abnormal alignment of the bones, with hip dysplasia, with trauma, or with ageing (continual wear and tear on the joint structures). Arthritis can dramatically affect a pet’s mobility, level of activity and quality of life.

“There are several ways that may suggest your pet is suffering from arthritis. Pet parents need to look out for signs including; reluctance to walk or play, difficulty climbing stairs or jumping into the car, limping or lameness, reduced appetite and yelping in pain when touched.

After seeing the benefits of adding Rose-Hip Vital Canine to a dog’s daily nutrition with her own dog, Bella, who had arthritis in her back legs, Dr Brandt now recommends Rose-Hip Vital Canine to her clients both to relieve pain and joint mobility issues, as well as for general wellbeing.

“There is no cure for arthritis, only control. The goals are to alleviate patient discomfort, minimize further degenerative changes, and to restore the affected joints to be as pain-free and functional as possible” added Dr Brandt.

Dr. Raquel Butler (BVSc G.Dip ABM, EMRT & CCMRT) who practices as a Holistic Veterinarian and Animal Biomechanical Medicine Therapist also recommends Rose-Hip Vital Canine. “I have trialled many joint supplements over my years as a Veterinarian and I have finally found a supplement that ticks all the boxes. It is a natural product that supports the entire animal and is well tolerated by the digestive system. I have seen first-hand the benefits in both my own and clients dogs. I have swapped many clients over from other premium joint products to Rose-Hip Vital and the clients are commenting on the obvious difference in their animals. The differences are in behaviour, comfort, mobility, reduction in joint effusion, improved range of motion, improved coat condition, improved top line, performance and hoof health in horses and general wellbeing.”

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