Need a quick fix? Anything is possible with these get-gorgeous-in-a-hurry goodies from Beauty Editor Lisa Tristram.


This product boasts highly-researched technology, layering probiotic fermented extracts of papaya and coconut with vegan hyaluronic acid, resulting in a cleanser that is as mindful of the nature of skin as it is effective. The fruit acids work as an enzymatic exfoliant, gently dissolving dead skin cells and boosting hydration. It also contains niacinamide (vitamin B3), which supports new skin cell generation, soothes skin, and regulates oil production. Try: Ocinium Ecdysis Bio-ferment Enzyme Cleanser ($70.00,


The right toner will balance oil production, remove traces of dirt and make-up, and reduce pore size. Alcohol is often the astringent ingredient used in conventional toners, but this formula harnesses the healing, antibacterial, and stimulating properties of sweet sage instead, giving the same effect but without being harsh or drying. This is why sage is traditionally used by herbalists in tea or tincture form for sore throats. Spritz onto a cotton pad or directly on skin for instant impact. Try: Antipodes Clarifying Facial Toner ($33.00, from David Jones and Priceline.)

Day cream

If you're thirsty, you drink water – but what if your skin is thirsty? It needs a drink, too! Coconut water is the magic ingredient in this daily moisturiser: a mega-hydration booster, it's full of amino acids and minerals that encourage water retention and boost collagen. The cream disappears into the skin straight away, which is great if you're in a hurry to apply make-up and get going, but don't be fooled – it's still there, working away, thanks to green tea extract which fights pollution and toxins beneath the surface, while all you feel is soft, dewy skin. Try: A'kin Hydrating Antioxidant Day Cream ($39.95;

Night cream

Science and nature combine in this lovely formula which contains high levels of vitamin C and pomegranate seed and rosehip oils that work together to dramatically brighten and replenish skin. Vitmain C, one of the post powerful antioxidants, diminishes the damaging effects of free radicals on skin and also reduces inflammation, which is the culprit behind most skin problems. Smooth this delicious products into clean skin, then drift off to sleep, knowing that you will waken with lovelier skin. Try: La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar ($59.95;


Want a speedy solution to redness or pimples? A sheet mask like this one can be applied in a minute and works fast. Chamomile is the perfect antidote to inflammation or irritation caused by sun damage, chemical sensitivity, or toxin overload, while aloe vera and astragalus add soothing, cooling, and healing properties, and licorice extract inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme that causes pigmentation. Now all you have to do is lie back, look pretty in this lacy mask, and relax for 10 minutes. Try: Trefiel Repairing Hydro Mask ($9.95;

Teeth whitener

Nothing lifts your look like a bright smile, and bonus points to BLAQ for creating a toxin-free alternative to chemical-based whiteners which can also cause tooth erosion and damage enamel. This formula contains activated charcoal to swiftly lift stains and impurities. It's easy to use: just twist the top of the wand, paint the gel onto teeth, smile and let it take effect in just a few short minutes. Nor is it a one-trick pony, as the formula also neutralises the bacteria that cause bad breath. Results are cumulative, but you'll see a difference after even just one use. Try: BLAQ Teeth Whitening Wand ($19.95;

Body scrub

We couldn't talk about miracles without mention a product that makes dry, dull, skin magically disappear. As we age, the life cycle of our skin cells starts to slow down, so regular exfoliation is an important way to remove dead skin cells, and encourage the growth of new, soft ones. This gorgeous skin polish contains both a physical and an enzymatic exfoliant for a super-effective, yet gentle result. The enzyme component is a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) called Gluconodelta lactone; derived from fruit, it's gentler than alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), yet very good at breaking down the sticky substance that stubbornly holds dead skin cells together. The physical exfoliant is jojoba beads, which have rounded edges to ensure they buff skin without causing irritation. Try: Awe Cosmeceuticals Samskrta Skin Polish ($39.00;

Lisa Tristram is a natural skincare expert, aromatherapist, organic educator, and mind-body wellness teacher.