This nourishing oil's superpower is to fight dry skin and it even has anti-ageing properties – what’s not to like? Life’s coming up roses!

Anti-ageing rose facial oil

2 tablespoons rosehip oil
½ teaspoon avocado oil
6 drops rose absolute oil

Simply pour all the oils into a small bottle and give it a good shake until they are well-mixed. And that’s it! Apply this precious face oil every morning and evening to cleansed skin. If you give the oil to a friend as a gift, it’s a nice idea to name it. We suggest ‘Magical Superpower Facial Oil’.
Store in a cool, dark place. Shelf life: 4 months
Superpowers explained
Full of protein and fats, avocado oil is ideal for dry skin. It is rich in vitamins C, E, and K and magnesium and potassium. Rosehip oil is very high in important essential fatty acids and helps regenerate damaged skin tissue. It penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates collagen production. It is also moisturising and anti-inflammatory and helps to heal wounds and soften scars. Rose absolute oil is antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, has rejuvenating properties, and promotes a glowing complexion.

This is an edited extract from All Natural Beauty by Karin Berndl & Nici Hofer published by Hardie Grant Books and is available in stores nationally.