The One for One business model was born when founder Blake Mycoskie saw firsthand the hardships of Argentinian children with no shoes. Today, each purchase of a pair of TOMS shoes sees another gifted to a needy child, and the label has branched into bags, sunglasses, and apparel.


Founder Katie Johnston creates bunique jewellery from upcycled materials, like reclaimed wood, recycled glass beads - even a Nepalese collection made from earthquake rubble that supports a community house rebuild.



For every STATE bag purchased, one packed with school essentials is delivered to a child living in challenging or critical circumstances.

Conscious Step


This brand has harnessed the everyday purchase of socks for an extraordinary purpose: each pair of fun-looking, ethically-made organic cotton socks is matched back to a cause, such as planting a tree, providing a meal, and treating HIV.,



Moeloco thongs quite literally leave positive affirmations on the earth as you walk. Founder Kathy Wong was determined to make a difference, so for every pair sold, a pair of school shoes are given to a child in poverty.

Two minutes with …

John Elliot, manager of TOMS Australia
How does the One for One® program work? TOMS is in business to improve lives. TOMS currently give shoes through shoes sales, restore sight with the purchase of eyewear, provide safe water with the sale of TOMS Roasting Co., support safe birth for people in need through bag sales, and the purchase of TOMS High Road Backpacks help stop bullying through prevention and response services. To date TOMS has helped give 75 million new pairs of shoes to children in need, restore sight to over 500,000 people, provide safe birth services to over 175,000 mothers, provide over 450,000 weeks of safe water, and serve more than 44,000 youth through bullying prevention and response programs.
What's next? We will extend the One for One model to Australian children in need. TOMS is also collaborating with longtime giving partner, Save The Children, in Australian communities to give shoes to children in need.

Katie Roberts is an environmental scientist focused on sustainability education in the fashion industry.