How do you keep that naturally glowing complexion and soft mermaid-like hair? Make sure you have Lisa Tristram's must-have beauty boosters in your beach kit.

Dehydrated skin

Skin can become taut and dry from overexposure to heat and wind, and also from air-conditioning. Skin will look reddened and make-up won't apply easily or evenly; ongoing dehydration can also result in fine lines. Replenish moisture loss by spritzing skin with a floral water, which lingers on the skin and creates a buffer zone. Pop one in your beach bag and use it often, especially after swimming and before reapplying sunblock. Avoid anything that is alcohol-based, as that will only aggravate the problem. Try: Clemence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz ($34.95,

Uneven skin tone

This can be caused by a fading fake tan, over-shaving, dry flaky patches, or all three. Solution: Shed a layer or two. Exfoliation makes the difference between healthy, even skin tone, and patchiness and breakouts; there is even evidence that regular exfoliation supports the cyclical nature of skin cell turnover, helping to prevent skin cancer. Exfoliation is also the best way to prepare skin for waxing or shaving and for applying a self-tanner. Ingredients like coffee and green tea offer bonus benefits of improving skin circulation and elasticity. Try: Embalm Invigorating Body Scrub($44.95,

Sunburn or redness

Wherever I go in summer, I always pop lavender and sandalwood essential oils in my bag, plus as much aloe vera gel as I can carry! You never know when you might need these soothing summer essentials. Of course, you should always aim to avoid sunburn, but if you do get caught unawares and your skin is red or sore, the faster you can cool it down with aloe vera, the better, while the two essential oils provide potent cell-rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender is also the best oil for any kind of burn, including sunburn: dilute it in aloe vera gel for the best results. To avail yourself of the advantages of all three of these ingredients in one great product, try Perfect Potion's After Sun Rescue Gel ($18.95,

Dry, rough hair

Everyone wants relaxed, beach boho hair in summer, but achieving that artlessly au natural look can be tricky when hair is tangled and dry, courtesy of salt water, chlorine, and brushing and washing your hair more often than usual. The sun's UV rays also cause damage, further bleaching and drying out strands. Give your hair a helping hand with a sulphate-free shampoo; sulphates only strip away natural oils. Restore your natural oil balance by massaging with protective and moisturising avocado or jojoba oil, then wrapping your head in a warmed towel for 15 minutes before shampooing the oil out. Try: Green People Sports Shampoo ($28.95,

Split ends and frizz

Due to the increased stress on hair it is far more likely to break and become frizzy and flyaway. The only cure here is prevention and it’s important to invest in an intensive hair treatment or serum before things get out of control, especially if hair is thick or curly. Ingredients that will restore hair’s natural shine and flexibility include coconut and rosehip oils. The trick is to leave the treatment on as long as possible - overnight is ideal - covering your hair with a shower cap while you sleep, then simply wash hair in the morning. Try: Less is More Rose Serum ($45.00,

Itchy skin

Whether it’s caused by allergies, or over-exposure to sun or salt water, skin is more prone to irritation and itchiness during summer months. However, sometimes using a moisturiser can be the last thing you want to do – it feels hot and sticky, and may leave a thin film on the skin which only increases the possibility of a heat rash or pimple breakout. Natural oils that are rich in essential fats, such as apricot kernel, jojoba, and rosehip, are the best option here: they are more compatible with the skin and get completely absorbed, and they are fantastic for healing and hydration. Apply to damp skin for the best results. Try: Sukin Ultra Hydrating Body Oil ($19.95,

Lisa Tristram is a natural skincare expert, aromatherapist, organic educator, and mind-body wellness teacher.