Whatever your age, skincare should always be a priority. Charmaine Yabsley talks to top holistic beauty experts about looking naturally beautiful in every decade.

In your 20s …

Cover up

“The short- and long-term effects of sun exposure are real and the risks are high,” says Annaliese Allen. “Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, and 90 to 99 percent of skin cancer is related to sun exposure. And if skin cancer isn’t enough of a deterrent, 90 percent of the visible signs of ageing - including wrinkles - are also caused by sun exposure. So, whether it's for health or vanity reasons, having the best possible skin means reducing sun damage. Practise the Cancer Council’s 'Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide!' message.”

Follow a routine

“Now is the time to really nurture your skin so that it ages gracefully,” says Emma Reid. “Cleanse, tone, moisturise and use a serum every morning and night. Never, ever go to bed with make-up on! Watch what you eat: this plays a big role in skin health.

Go organic

“The earlier you start using organic skincare products and eating organic produce, the better you will look and feel,”says Abigail O'Neill. “Natural alternatives to chemical-filled lotions and potions are even more effective for anti-ageing, and don’t come with the damaging effects that the chemical versions can have long-term. Organic skincare products and produce will nourish beauty from the inside out, and the outside in, as they contain more vitamins, minerals and essential healthy fats.”

Eat chocolate

“Swap conventional chocolate bars for good quality chocolate made from organic cacao,” says Samantha Sargent. “Cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals which promote healthy skin and build strong nails and hair.”

Hydrate from the outside

“Organic plant hydrosols that balance your skin and emotions, such as the AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist which contains crystal tinctures of amethyst, emerald, and turquoise, replenish your skin's moisture and balance emotions,” adds Sargent.

Invest in antioxidants

“An ultra-concentrated antioxidant serum used daily and from early on is a must,” says Tanya Felli. “Antioxidants work 25 percent better when applied onto the skin, rather than when they are eaten. Our Nurture Boost and Protect Antioxidant Serum is lightweight so it penetrates quickly, delivering antioxidants deep into the skin. It also uses hyaluronic acid, known as 'the molecule of youth', and five essential vitamins to prevent premature ageing.”

Mix it up

“Your 20s are the ideal time to experiment with your beauty routine and find products that work for your skin type and lifestyle,” says Fabiola Gomez. “Don't be afraid to try a bold, matte lip or a winged eyeliner; just play and enjoy the process - and never miss an opportunity to go all out with your look! Not sure where to start? Call in a professional make-up artist to assist you in trying products, techniques, and celebrity inspiration.”

In your 30s ...

Go raw

“Eat antioxidant-rich foods every day,” says O’Neill. “One of the best is raw cacao. I discovered its beautifying benefits very early on, but it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I started to eat large quantities daily while creating recipes for my book Model Chocolate that I really saw it kick in. I credit it hugely for the way I look now, at age 42. Other antioxidant-rich foods I enjoy often are maqui berries, matcha green tea, and blueberries.”

Add oils

“Our skin suffers at the hand of Mother Nature: harsh winters and dry summers contribute to dehydrated skin and premature wrinkles,” says Teisha Lowry. “I recommend our Recovery Face Oil to help skin recover from the elements faster. Keeping skin care simple but powerful, is best; complicated ingredient lists just bombard skin unnecessarily.”

Balance with maca

“Peruvian maca root powder supports hormones that influence skin, emotions, and fertility,” says Sargent. “It is renowned for increasing libido and energy levels. Cleanse your skin with an organic plant based product: AEOS Cleansing Oil de-Maq is suitable for all skin types, providing hydration and balancing oil production.”

Be kind to yourself

“Our 30s are when most of us start to see a change in our skin,” says Irene Elias. “Don't just spend time on the outward appearance: the inside is where true, lasting beauty resides, so plan an inner beauty regime of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness – the path of self-love. The first inner beauty step is to become aware of one negative thought you have about yourself, and change it. For example, if your thought is, 'I hate my skin,' begin a new thought pattern by saying, 'Today I choose to love and accept myself.' This simple but powerful shift will activate your inner lasting glow.”

Use oil

“Healthy skin contain natural oils in the outer layer,” says Geraldine Phua. “These oils are easily stripped away with harsh cleansers or scrubs, leaving skin feeling dry, tight or 'squeaky clean'. This actually signals your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, so the more you try to remove it, the more your skin will make. A facial oil rebalances this oil production process, sending a message to your sebaceous glands to not work so hard. And when paired with a moisturiser, the ingredients will penetrate more quickly into your skin.”

Find your style

“Your 30s are when you're finding out exactly what you do and don't like,” says Gomez. “It's a time when you can start to form your signature look. It's also a good time to pare down your beauty routine to your favourites. Don't forget to always keep a travel make-up bag on hand with miniatures of your must-haves.”

In your 40s ...

Invest in treatments

“Two of the best ways for quickly turning back the clock on ageing skin are meso-gliding and platelet rich plasma (PRP),” says Rita Porecca. “These two medically-endorsed treatments can be combined for maximum results in a few weeks. The clinic can offer the highest grade of rich platelets for the best results in non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation.”

Feed your face

“True, lasting beauty comes from within,”says Janella Purcell. “Nothing is as beautiful as a woman with self confidence, grace, and elegance, and this can only come from good health on the inside. Take a digestive enzyme 20 minutes before you eat. This will help you use only enough of what you eat for energy and good health, and eliminate the rest. It will also reduce - if not banish - bloating, gas and fatigue after you eat.”

Take your vitamins

“I take vitamin C every day,” adds Purcell. “I do this because collagen production decreases as we age, causing wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots. Take 1 gram twice a day.”

Add some spirulina

“I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to spirulina, so I add the tablets to my smoothie,” says Purcell. “Apart from the green colour – which means it's full of vitamin A and ideal for great skin -you wouldn’t know it was in there.”

Give yourself a boost

“Your 40s are a great time to introduce targeted skin-renewing ingredients on a daily basis,” says Gomez. “Use science-proven and tested formulas of retinol and glycolic acid, or try the new kid on the skincare block: niacinamide, for skin health and smaller pores. Chances are you no longer need to worry about blemishes, so enjoy your bare skin and opt for foundation formulas that allow your face to shine through.”

In your 50s ...

Try herbal oils

“Ashwagandha is an anti-stress and adaptogenic herb that rejuvenates the body,” says Mituri Pradip Sharma. “It also has anti-wrinkle properties, so ashwagandha oil is excellent for fighting signs of ageing. Apply Nim-Véda Australia Organic Based Ashwagandha Oil around your eyes and other wrinkle-prone areas before bed, and let it seep into your skin while your body relaxes to keep wrinkles at bay and promote skin suppleness naturally.”

Go coconuts

“Coconut oil is one of the most versatile health and beauty products around,” says Brooke Pagel. “It has a multitude of beauty uses: moisturising skin, smoothing frizzy hair, removing waterproof eye make-up, and even instead of shaving cream. Drinking coconut water keeps you hydrated, and when you are dehydrated your skin can look dull and your hair can get brittle.”

Take extra supps

“Zinc and vitamin C are rich in antioxidants to brighten skin and reduce acne breakouts, which can occur at any age.” adds Pagel.

Meet our experts
Annaliese Allen, founder of Honeybell Waterwear.
Emma Reid, director of MUSQ Cosmetics.
Abigail O’Neill, author of Model Chocolate.
Samantha Sargent, natural beauty expert and holistic nutritionist.
Tanya Felli, founder of Ivadore.
Teisha Lowry, founder of INDAH and author of The Beautiful Way.
Fabiola Gomez, founder and director of LUXit.
Irene Elias, author of Self Love Junkie Starter Guide.
Geraldine Phua, owner of Geraldine Pierre.
Rita Porecca, founder of Cosmedic Professionals.
Janella Purcell is a naturopath, nutritionist, chef, and ambassador for Lifestream.
Mituri Pradip Sharma, spokesperson for Nim-Veda Australia.
Brooke Pagel, naturopath for Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse.