Prepare for a lighter, fun-filled atmosphere in July; Venus in flirtatious Gemini from July 5th onwards will be ideal for planning exciting ventures, such as holidays. But equally, July may be full of distractions, so you’ll benefit by paying closer attention to details at work and with chores, or you may find some disruptive elements this month challenging…

This month’s Full Moon will produce a case in point: on July 9th the Full Moon will align with tiny but powerful Pluto; it will oppose red planet Mars and make a tense angle with gas giant Jupiter. All this spells intensity and possible challenges, both in your interactions, and in getting your plans underway, especially for cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn - and for Scorpio and Taurus, too. But paradoxically you could also excel at this time, especially if you focus on a particular project and devote extra time to your plans.

If you tend to be obstinate, or you feel stuck in a rut, this could be a frustrating time. Annoying events, however, are sometimes a blessing in disguise, as you feel motivated to improve the areas of your life that no longer serve a purpose and therefore frustrate you. Luckily, simultaneously, there will be a beautiful ‘Grand trine’ aspect* between Uranus, Saturn and the Moon’s North Node, which will help you to move forward in areas where you wish to change things. Effectively, the Full Moon will spotlight exactly where you’re uncomfortable in life and where you’d like to make changes. It’s important, though, mid-July, to keep an eye on mix-ups and misunderstandings, especially July 17-19th, otherwise a period of restlessness or changeability could feel destabilising.

The Venus-Neptune alignment on July 19th will certainly add a sparkle of good luck to the month, even if the ongoing Pluto opposition to the Sun will truly amplify interactions – both in positive ways, and in simply intense ways. Romance could blossom at this time, although romance – in the broader sense of the word (good food, wine, art, dance and music) – can sometimes lead to yet more distractions or even escapism.

The New Moon on July 23rd will prove to be revitalising and could bring joy into your life, too. This New Moon will align with Mars, and could catapult you into fresh circumstances, especially if you’re a Leo or Aquarian. It’s certainly a good time to launch an ambitious project – as long as you do your groundwork. If not, this could be a false-start New Moon, as the tense aspect between the New Moon and Uranus could predispose plans to misfire – or worse, backfire.

The best way forward? Make the most of a light-hearted atmosphere generated by Venus in Gemini, but avoid distractions. Harness the potent transformative energy at the Full Moon and get new plans and projects set and ready for lift off towards the end of the month. Meanwhile, tune into romance mid-month; avoid misunderstandings then - and always add a sprinkle of fun!

*A Grand Trine is when three planets (or more) form a 120-degree aspect between them, forming a kind of triangular aspect from our point of view here on Earth.

Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’.