Get set for fresh plans and a new direction to take shape in April. Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto will all 'station'* this month, suggesting that decisions made carefully, intuitively, practically and with an open mind are likely to succeed.

There are many ways we approach decisions but principally, the human experience is an emotional one. When we approach decision-making purely emotionally, this tends to lead to cycles of more emotions, such as sadness, mood swings, temporary happiness, anger, deep desires, distractions – and then more or increasingly complex decisions! On the other hand, decisions made based on your intuition, instincts, intellect and with a view to establishing balance in life will tend to lead to a more peaceful and fulfilling outcome.

Developing your intuition will help overcome strong emotions that can be distracting and, this month, events will ask that you 'tune in' to your intuition, to avoid being too distracted by strong emotions that can lead to reactive behaviour rather than calm responses. So effectively, the outcome of the decisions which you make in April will depend largely on your choice of reaction: will you be led by your emotions, or will you be led by your intuition, instincts, and higher mind? If the latter, the outcomes of your decisions are more likely to align with a greater sense of purpose and could lead to achievement.

The Full Moon on April 11th may bring a surprise your way. In addition, the alignment of Venus with Chiron mid-month will offer the chance to re-learn an old lesson. A mindful approach to creating more peace and harmony in your life may appeal due to unusual circumstances arising then. This may ultimately feel liberating, even if circumstances seem challenging or pose a tough choice. When you set your mind to ringing in the changes, and bringing solid structure to exciting ideas, you could move mountains this month, especially towards the end of April.

The Taurus New Moon on the 26th will offer the opportunity to take practical steps with your various decisions and points to fresh opportunities to progress in realistic, balanced and beautiful ways. And then, even if unusual or out-of-the-blue events occur, you'll feel more prepared to run with them in down-to-earth and fruitful ways.

* A ‘station’ is when a planet appears to 'stand still' from our point of view, before seemingly changing direction.

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