January 2017 has everything you need to get on track and off to a flying start, writes astrologer Patsy Bennett.

2017 will include the chance to break a mould and step into a new understanding of your life and relationships. And, if 2016 brought a great deal of change your way, this year will present the opportunity to consolidate, integrate and innovate.

January’s events will give you a good idea of the kinds of developments that will work for you in the bigger picture this year.
Once Mercury ends its retrograde phase after the first week of January, you’ll see that even the best-laid plans can change and, more importantly, that this needn’t be a bad thing, as you subsequently get the chance to lay down even better plans.

The Cancerian Full Moon on the 12th will highlight exactly where there may be tension or a difference of opinion in a collaborative venture. And, if you’ve previously put plans in place that are unrealistic, you’ll come back down to earth in January. This will enable you to work with new parameters towards a more successful outcome. And don’t forget, when you align yourself with your higher purpose, you can’t fail.

Luckily, the Full Moon will provide insight into just that: your higher purpose. This Full Moon will spotlight where in your life caring and sharing must take precedence; where for example, you may need to give a little more or where, if you’ve been taking a back seat, you must exert yourself.

Venus in Pisces until early February will promote creativity, romance and music, so get set to indulge your creative and romantic side and be inspired in January. Act on your bright ideas and weave your dreams into your plans.

Get-togethers with people you made agreements with in December will take your collaborations to the next level. And, if you found the last few weeks of 2016 difficult, prepare to shift the elements you disliked. The second half of January will be particularly conducive to moving your focus onto the positives in your life: look out for opportunities to evolve and progress, both personally and professionally, especially around the 17th-18th. But if circumstances then seem to take you two steps back rather than three steps forward, absorb what must be done differently to avoid the same occurring further down the track.

The Aquarian New Moon on the 28th will favour the implementation of new ideas in practical ways; and allowing your free spirit to soar in your own unique way. This is the month to get on track, so take the initiative: reach for the stars. Good luck!

Patsy is the author of Astrology: Secrets of the Moon and the 2017 Astrology Diary.