The big news this month is the third Supermoon* Full Moon in a row, on December 14th.

But first the alignment between Mercury and the Moon’s North Node on the 8th will bring people into your environment who resonate with you on a deeper level, creating precious reunions or at least catch-ups, key conversations or important agreements in the first two weeks of December.

With the Sun in Sagittarius until the 21st, there is a lovely sense of adventure this month, as projects and ideas can get ahead. You may also feel more outgoing in your self-expression; the need to be more outspoken, frank and honest may be a theme. And, if a change of circumstance is difficult to deal with at first, you’ll soon find your feet.

The Gemini Supermoon on the 14th will highlight the need for clear communications, and the chance to be concise in your mind at least, about exactly what you must discuss and organise, and the kinds of relationships you wish to have in general.

If the news you hear this month isn’t necessarily what you wish to hear, ensure at the least, that you communicate the best way you can, as there is a risk that misunderstandings prevail mid-month. Mercury will turn retrograde five days after the Supermoon, indicating that you will get the chance to re-think ideas and conversations, so don’t panic if communications go awry or are intense earlier in the month.

A trip or the chance to get away could represent a turning point in a relationship. But avoid the notion that it’s make or break, and simply relax into your time away. See the trip as therapeutic and take it from there. The true adventure is to come a little later in the month, specifically at Christmas, when the opportunity will arise to build the kind of stability and fulfilment you crave – without this being boring or dull.

The Saturn-Uranus trine (120-degree angle) will occur on Christmas Day and this will give you an inkling of the kind of support-based developments that will earn your focus throughout 2017. You may become aware of areas of strength, and potentially of weakness, giving you the chance to prepare ahead.

You may be surprised by developments after Christmas, but these again, will give you vital insight into developments to come in 2017. The New Moon on the 29th will point to practical ways to move ahead, and also to the wisdom of initiating solid and stable New Year’s resolutions. Have a great month.

* when the Moon is both at its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit and also in alignment with the Sun at the Full Moon or the New Moon.

Patsy Bennett is a leading Australian astrologer.