Two eclipses in February signal the time is ripe for growth, self-development and transformation. The lunar eclipse on the 11th will highlight where in life your ego, your ‘time to shine’ and your plans might be aligned with a strong sense of purpose; how you might shine in more ways than one, and principally, how you will allow your compassion to take centre stage. The solar eclipse in the early hours of the 27th will bring to mind that dynamic plans that are founded on inspired ideas will truly add sparkle and adventure to your life as the year unfolds.

But first, early in February, it's important to avoid complicated communications and misunderstandings as these may be prevalent between the 1st and the 3rd. Aim to be super-clear then. This is an excellent month to boost self-esteem, as the stars will align to help you in your endeavours. It’s also an excellent time, especially around the lunar eclipse, to socialise and network; and generally to celebrate life in its myriad manifestations - from flowers to love and music; from trees and the ocean to mountains and the wild; from family to friends; from pets to angels.

A progressive approach to your goals mid-month will answer a call of the wild. In other words, just because you tend to build stability and routine in life, doesn’t mean your routine must be boring! Add a touch of excitement, vitality and zest to your life this month, and you’ll feel all the better for it. Create a sense of idealism or dreaminess where your plans will flourish; in other words, stride ahead dynamically, but remember to infuse your activities with imagination, meaning and purpose.

The solar eclipse on the 27th will be an annular eclipse, so you will see the ‘ring of fire’.* This occurs because the Moon does not completely cover the Sun from our perspective, showing a circle of fire when the eclipse is at its height.
The ‘between-the-eclipses’ phase can be intense, mostly due to developments that will demand that you step up to changes and make the most of them. This process can occur dramatically or calmly; your reaction to events is always your choice.
Towards the end of the month, a coincidence or surprise will demand a diplomatic and tactful approach. You may find your life becomes a race to instigate new plans in practical ways; and this will be fruitful, as long as you avoid drama and conflict then.

Follow a sense of purpose and you could build castles this month; just ensure they’re on solid ground.

* The solar eclipse (in the very early hours of February 27th, AEST) will be visible in South America, the South Atlantic and South Africa. The lunar eclipse on the 11th will be visible in much of the world (apart from Australia), although it will only appear as a dimming of the Moon.

Patsy is the author of Astrology: Secrets of the Moon and the 2017 Astrology Diary.