The big news this month is the two eclipses - which historically represent considerable, long-term change. And, with the Sun and Mars in action-oriented Leo, you're likely to feel motivated to get more out of life, especially Leos and Aquarians.

The partial lunar eclipse on August 8th promises to shake things up, in positive ways, for many. This eclipse will be visible in Australia, but you'll need to be up in the small hours of the morning to see it. You may begin to see a long-term plan in a new light around this time. This process may be relatively straight-forward for Geminis, Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces, but for some signs, such as Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo, adjusting to change may draw on your reserves.

Once Mercury turns retrograde on the13th, ensure you're a little circumspect with communications and travel. The second half of August will be ideal for reviewing and consolidating details and facts especially concerning work, daily arrangements and health.

The total solar eclipse during the early morning hours of the 22nd will be spectacular, but unfortunately not visible from Australia. It will be visible across the USA and for this reason is being called The Great American Eclipse, as it's the first time a total solar eclipse has been visible throughout the north American continent since 1918. This eclipse will emphasise an important turning point, especially regarding new ventures and work. And, once Saturn ends its retrograde phase on the 26th, work on building strong foundations for future projects should become easier as you sail into September.
August’s eclipses will create change in many different areas depending on your Sun sign (and rising sign if you know it) ... and here are the key areas where you're likely to experience change:

ARIES: An exciting plan that involves domestic, property or family matters will be highlighted by the eclipses. Relationships, study, teaching and travel-related ventures could gain ground in August.

TAURUS: Developments across your domestic and career sectors will have a key impact on your ventures and decisions. The next two months are ideal for considering bright ideas that affect both these areas.

GEMINI: Aim to boost your networking and social skills as August’s eclipses could open new doors concerning communications and travel.

CANCER: A fresh financial chapter is about to begin, and so agreements are best viewed in the framework of long-term developments.

LEO: Considerable developments in your relationships are on the cards, especially if you were born early to mid-August. Singles should mingle, especially in early to mid-August, as you may meet a dynamic character.

VIRGO: New opportunities at work or regarding health will spur you into action to create a more upbeat and balanced daily schedule.

LIBRA: You’ll appreciate the chance to bring support and balance into your life, and promote a more upbeat atmosphere at home, in your daily life and health-wise.

SCORPIO: You're likely to see considerable change in your domestic and/or career circumstances. You may experience a change of status or direction.

SAGITTARIUS: An exciting phase is about to begin. A new interest or horizon will feel fulfilling – and could include the chance to boost your relationships too.

CAPRICORN: The areas in your life where you share resources, such as shared space, finances and love, will be impacted by the eclipses. If any of these areas are unfulfilling, prepare for change.

AQUARIUS: Expect changes in your emotional and personal life, especially if you were born early and mid-February.

PISCES: Innovative ideas will appeal to you and you may even enjoy a lightbulb moment at work or health-wise that could change your daily routine.

Patsy Bennett is an astrologer and the author of 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon'; visit Patsy at