This is truly an inspiring month. Set out to back up your bright ideas with research and you could attain goals and dreams. And, mid-month, romance with a capital 'R' could come a-knocking at your door!

But first, the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th will align with Neptune, marking this as a particularly aspirational and inspired month, especially for Pisces and Virgos. Ensure you reach for the stars, but keep your feet firmly on the ground, as nebulous, mystical Neptune, especially when it's aligned with the Moon has a justified reputation for leading you astray - so much so that you can feel 'all at sea'. If you have been battling a bad habit, be vigilant around this Full Moon, as you may be tempted to resume it.

Luckily, on the 9th, the lovely Sun trine* Pluto aspect should motivate you to set your plans for long-term change in motion. And, once Mercury steps into Virgo on the 10th, after completing a retrograde phase on the 5th, the rest of the month will be an excellent time for planning, communications and travel - and at the very least, you should feel more in your element, especially Geminis, Sagittarians, Pisces and Virgos. What's more, the Venus trine Saturn aspect on the 13th will further foster financial plans and long-term ideas.

A lovely alignment between the Moon's North Node and love planet Venus could set romance alight mid-month - so if you're ready to meet someone new - or wish to stoke up the passion in your relationship - this is the time for love! The New Moon on the 20th, in practical and methodical Virgo, will further add to the sense that you can reach your goals - and when you're 'real' about goals, the magic begins! And, with three planets and the Sun in Virgo, this is certainly the time to work hard, as your projects will succeed when you have strong foundations and you do your research.

It really is time to dream a little this month and, with the Spring equinox on the 23rd, if you aim for balance and harmony in your life, this month could deliver it to your door. However, unless you're practical and diligent, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition on the 28th could potentially undo your plans and, at the very least, will show where you may need to re-think them. Be open to surprises at the end of the month, because even if events appear to be obstacles, they will most certainly present a new perspective - and could open doors to a fresh approach to attaining what brings you joy in life. Go for gold!

* A trine is a 120-degree aspect between celestial bodies.

Patsy Bennett is a trusted and experienced astrologer.