The astronomical alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in August will bring a great deal of attention to your own personal life. This alignment has been dubbed by some astronomers as 'the people's planetary parade',* because the alignment is visible with the naked eye - so there's no need for high-tech telescopes. Coincidentally, this term, ‘people’s planetary parade’ is also fitting astrologically, as the planets in alignment - those that are closest to the Sun - are traditionally associated with personal matters in astrological terms (generational or bigger-picture matters are generally signified by the outer planets). 

So August's events will focus attention on your own personal life; areas such as work, money, love, and how you feel you can best progress with your plans. It's potentially a self-empowering month, with Mars beginning a trek through the upbeat sign of Sagittarius at the same time as the motivational Leo New Moon on August 3, further prompting you to take steps into new ventures that mean something to you at a core level.

But it's not all about upbeat, new ventures; the New Moon will align with Saturn, the planet astrologers associate with security, stability, responsibility, work and diligence. It's an excellent time to be proactive about establishing more stability in your life; to develop your skills and abilities so that you may fulfil your goals. And, above all, to work on ventures that promote a sense of purpose or identity. As Oscar Wilde famously said: 'Be yourself, everyone else is taken'.

Also, a close alignment between Neptune and the Moon's South Node will bring both mystical and soul connections into your life, making this a month of reunions and new soul connections; and an excellent time for spiritual and mystical self-development, too.

The Sun in Leo for most of August will certainly help boost self-esteem and confidence and, with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the sign of careful and methodical Virgo, there's no telling what you can achieve when you combine method with sheer motivation.

The alignment of Jupiter and Chiron on the 13th may well bring out your inner healer; and this can arise in two predominant ways: firstly, that your vulnerabilities emerge and you must find a way to overcome these; and secondly, that your inner strength and ability to be a nurturing force in your life blossoms, bringing about a sense of accomplishment.

The Aquarian Full Moon on August 18 will further help to stimulate the 'can-do' attitude necessary to make changes in your personal life. The Full Moon will put your internal debates and priorities into the forefront of your mind, and will promote the wish to see your decisions and ventures ‘out there’ in reality; in the larger context of your life, your culture and in your ability to make a difference, both in your personal life and in the world at large.

Patsy Bennett is the author of 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon'.

*'Get set for the People's planetary parade', Sydney Morning Herald, July 25, 2016