The sky’s the limit in October as Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio spells sizzling excitement, intense passion and strong motivation to realise personal ambitions. You may feel compelled to break new ground in coming months. And, if you’re already feeling the groundswell of drama, energy and intensity in your life, you’ll appreciate the opportunity in the first week of October to bring peace and harmony to developing circumstances.

Events around the Aries Full Moon on the 6th should provide additional insight into how best to proceed both dynamically and calmly. Significant news, a visit or travel will spotlight a development that is best handled with good communication skills and courage. Also this month, Venus and Mars will align opposite Chiron, the planet-asteroid associated with healing. Chiron’s influence suggests self-improvement and healing are frequently precipitated by challenging circumstances that make you aware of what is lacking in your life, and therefore motivate you to improve your circumstances. So if you encounter a hurdle in October, see it as a chance to improve yourself and grow.

Expect the unexpected around October 20th , when the Libran New Moon will align opposite Uranus, the planet associated with the unusual, the unexpected – and also with spiritual awakening and surprises. This will be an excellent New Moon for setting the intention to make revolutionary changes in your life that can lead to peace and harmony.

Pioneering experimentation, strong passions and the desire for something different will offer the opportunity to look ‘outside the square’. But remember, too, to be practical, as you may be swayed by your emotions, ideals and desires especially towards the end of the month – and could potentially act irrationally. For these reasons, you may find the following idea useful: ‘Idealism leads to realism if it is strictly thought out.’ (Wittgenstein).

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