Astroblog: Pisces solar eclipse

What an exciting time! The total Pisces solar eclipse on March 9* and the partial lunar eclipse on the 23rd will book-end a pivotal month. If you’re ready for change, this is the month to take your projects from the drawing board and put them into action, as the cosmic climate will support your efforts.

There will be key change, integration and therefore the potential for great transformation this month, as the eclipses really will prove inspiring and, for some, life-changing. The eclipses will, at the least, mark developments that have either been some time in the making; or that will take several years to manifest – or both. (This will depend largely on the proximity of the eclipses to a prominent point in your own astrological birth chart.)

In addition, an aspect early in March between king of the skies Jupiter, ‘wounded healer’ Chiron and taskmaster Saturn, will ask that you step up to your full potential, overcome past hiccups and move ahead, adding to the gravitas of the upcoming eclipses, and pointing to a new approach, inspiration or at least a new reckoning - and therefore to a fresh direction.

The ‘between-the-eclipses’ phase can prove to be intense, especially this month for water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, but also notably for Librans and Aries. But it can be a productive time if you’re prepared to let go of outworn ideas and habits and to be inspired by great people and ideas – without compromising principles or beliefs; unless these are due for a revamp too. Mid-month, ideas or challenges that came to a head early in March will benefit from careful discussion once again.

A negotiation or a collaboration will benefit from tact and diplomacy towards the Libran lunar eclipse on the 23rd. Avoid rash decisions this month; take your time, as the upcoming six months could be transformational. Consider how to make your dreams real in practical terms, especially around the favourable Jupiter-Pluto alignment mid-month and the upbeat alignments of Mercury to Mars, Saturn Uranus towards the end of the month. Although this month has a ‘hard work’ aspect, there is also room for improvement, and so your efforts really will be worthwhile now.

* (unfortunately not visible in Australia, although a partial eclipse will be visible in northern Australia, weather permitting).

Patsy Bennett is the author of Astrology: Secrets of the Moon.