The gathering of the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in watery Pisces throughout most of March will feel inspiring and offer the opportunity for healing and self-improvement. For some though, especially Aquarians, Leos, Scorpios and Taureans, this watery alignment may feel disorientating or lead to much soul-searching. Above all, March is a wonderful month for everyone to truly tune into your self; your needs, your purpose and your higher mind, and the outcome you attain by the end of the month may surprise even you.

March will begin on a romantic and idealistic note, with Neptune in alignment with the Sun. Neptune, or Poseidon, the God of the Seas, rules a domain that is at once nebulous, watery, instinctive and without boundaries. This Sun-Neptune alignment will encourage artistic and musical pursuits, spiritual and meditative interests, but may also prove misleading if you’re easily influenced; bring about forgetfulness if you tend to be head-in-the-clouds, and produce excessive idealism if you approach life without due sense of practicalities. If you fall in any of these categories, events in March may deliver a reality hit or two.
The jagged edge of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition will continue throughout March to bring out-of-the-ordinary or even rare events your way, especially for Aries, Librans, Cancerians and Capricorns. Avoid power struggles by being super-tactful and pace yourself to keep energy levels on par.

A turning point mid-March will offer an anchor and direction; the Sun’s alignment with Chiron on March 15th will give you the chance to get on top of main concerns that arise earlier in the month. This opportunity may initially manifest as a drawback, a weakness or a vulnerability, but will offer you the chance to strengthen your resolve, if not to overcome circumstances that seem to hold you back. As the Sun-Chiron alignment will coincide with the Virgo Full Moon on March 13th, developments are likely to be healing and therapeutic and, if health has been a concern, events will offer you the chance to get on top of medical options.

After the 20th, the gathering of planets in fiery Aries will certainly encourage increasingly upbeat dynamics, and the Aries New Moon on March 28th will be an ideal time to launch new projects. The New Moon will prove to be revitalising, even if several concerns will still merit a careful and tactful approach. And, if you feel you lose out in any way this month, rest assured that a patient, compassionate and upbeat approach will certainly lead to a new door that opens to provide a healthier, healing alternative to events surrounding doors that close – effectively producing a better option.

Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’. Visit Patsy at