Astroblog: Scorpio full moon

Get set for a revitalised and dynamic month, especially for fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, although all signs should benefit from an upsurge in energy this month.

With the Sun in Aries for most of the month, and the (super) New Moon in Aries on the 7th, expect this month to be all about action, passion and dynamic developments. And, as we move toward the Scorpio Full Moon on the 22nd, the lovely earthy grand trine involving planets Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury mid-month will provide the ideal platform for taking action based on strong foundations and structure.

This all makes April an excellent month to build substance and form in your life, as you'll get adequate opportunity to put stable plans in motion. The weekend of the 16th could be particularly exciting, as solid plans could really take flight then. But if you have found the past few weeks taxing, with Chiron conjunct (aligning with) Venus and the South Node, ensure you take things step by step this month, as this Chiron-South Node conjunction will continue throughout April, even if it is not as potent as it was at the end of March. This conjunction can bring up personal vulnerabilities and weaknesses, especially for Pisces and Virgos now.

Any form of gardening, earth works, or more abstract and yet practical endeavours, such as the organisation of events, or simply getting things grounded and ship-shape in your life, should all go well this month. Try to get major works involved in structure and foundational work implemented before the 18th, when Pluto and Mars will turn retrograde, or some of your motivation could evaporate towards in the end of the month, especially for Aries and Scorpios after the Full Moon on the 22nd.

But in the main, this is a turn-around month if you put your mind to it. For those wishing to change some of the parameters of agreements made earlier in the year, the next few months, with Saturn retrograde, should also prove beneficial, as you'll get the chance to reconstruct or reformulate plans and ideas. So - get set, get ready, get busy!

Patsy Bennett is the author of "Astrology: Secrets of the Moon";