Want more sparkle in life? This month, the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio being joined by Venus on the 8th will do just that: infuse your life with passion. You couldn't ask for anything better - but there's one proviso: you must avoid over-indulgence and resuming bad habits, as planetary aspects in November could rake up intense feelings leading to bad judgment, overspending, overindulging and overtly emotional reactions.

Luckily, the Taurean Full Moon on the 4th will put the spotlight on practicalities and the earthly domain: you may ask, 'What must be done, in realistic terms in my life, so that I can be happy?' Taking a practical approach this month really will be in your interests, as November's events could be transformational, especially for Scorpios and Taureans.

For everyone, this is an excellent month to focus on bringing the 'new' into your life, especially around the 11th-12th, when changes you have either worked on for a long time, or that will require long-term adjustments, can take surprising and regenerative steps forward in areas that are dear to your heart.

By making tracks towards your goals in methodical ways you will build a sense of stability and strong foundations in the areas of your life that require more structure, support and stability; and particularly those areas of your life where you know you must tread carefully, or areas that require more work in your own self-development.

The good news is that, with Venus in Scorpio for a large part of the month, lovely relationships should blossom, and your career, status and kudos could also take flight; it's a case of following your heart and your passions where you feel most engaged in a positive, optimistic and fruitful way.

If you want more passion in life, you'll feel more vibrant and upbeat for sure - but look out for tempers and tantrums as well, as passion can be a blessing, but can also lead to murky waters, bringing out jealousy, envy, regret and anxiety.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 18th will be an excellent time to set your intentions to revitalise your life through self-transformation, and towards developing a deeper understanding and loyalty in your relationships, while avoiding negative personal traits such as jealousy, destructiveness and negativity.

And lastly, if you're spiritually inclined, you'll find this a life-affirming month as your hard work and devotion to your higher mind and higher self will bring rewards that will be enlightening - even if surprising - especially towards the end of the month.

Patsy Bennett has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years and is the author of 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon' and the 2018 Astrology Diary. Her Zodiac Reading Card set will be out in December.