One of the most important keys to weight loss is letting go of old, negative emotions. Toxicity plays a major part in fat storage and it's why we can't lose weight or maintain that loss.

I’m sure you’ve heard of emotional eating and the effect of your emotions on weight gain - but have you heard about emotional toxicity? If you’ve been doing all the right things, like eating healthy, balanced meals and exercising regularly, but you're still not shedding those unwanted pounds, you might be toxic. Excess fat could be your body’s attempt to protect you from toxins; yes, toxins. Since our bodies are overburdened with toxins and our natural detoxification system is overworked, our bodies do something very clever: to protect our vital organs from these toxic invaders, our bodies store the toxins in our fat cells for protection.

Emotions are very powerful: remember the rollercoaster of PMT? Emotions are simply - energy in motion and it’s important to keep them moving. If we try to suppress our emotions, particularly the painful ones, they become stuck and lodge themselves within the body. Emotions can actually change your body’s chemistry: how you feel changes your neurochemistry and your endocrine system, aka your hormones. So, although you may be determined to loss those extra kilograms, your subconscious may be holding on to old negative emotions, such as repressed anger and resentment. Ask yourself, "Are there relationships in my life that need to be healed and forgiven, so that I can let it go and move on, cleaner and lighter?”

Holistic solutions

* Take some time to reflect on situations and see how you feel. If you identify an emotion, that's great; but even if you don't, I suggest you hold your forehead and your tummy and take a few long, slow, deep breaths - this will help release the tension rather than suppressing it.

* Flower essences, such as Bach flowers, offer great relief: try Pine for guilt, Olive for mental and emotional tiredness, Star of Bethlehem for shock and grief.

* In my kinesiology practice, I also use Altearah perfumes. There are 14 colours, each one offering a particular emotion support. For example, Blue is for Peace, Yellow for Joy, and Gold for Confidence.

If you would like more information on emotional toxicity and how to let it go, then contact Maureen on 0407 468 533.