It’s eclipse season! Hold on to your hats; not only will the winter wind stir your soul; but solar and lunar alignments will also raise the bar in July.

Mineral-rich herbal teas, such as Irish moss, plantain, marshmallow, and violet leaf, deter wrinkles and keep skin moist because they contain emollient compounds that lubricate the skin.

The month begins on a mystical, inspiring note, with a 'grand trine' involving gas giants Jupiter and Neptune, both aspecting Venus harmoniously; and all three in water signs.

Physical problems can contribute to emotional imbalances, and emotional imbalances can contribute to physical problems. It’s important to deal with both aspects by taking a whole-body approach.

This will be a truly inspiring month, as you’ll relish the chance to make long-term change in your life, but there may be a tendency to throw caution to the wind, so ensure you base your decisions on facts …

Venus in Taurus for the entire month brings a luxurious, sumptuous feel to April that you can ‘tune in’ to; and bring more love and romance into your life.

"Good grief!" we say - but there’s nothing funny or good about grief.

March will be a truly inspiring, healing and transformational month as we experience a rare Mercury-Venus-Chiron alignment, all in the introspective, philosophical, dreamy and inspired sign of Pisces.

Ginger is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and researched of all the “kitchen cures”, and is used worldwide to alleviate nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and joint pain.

Ayurveda’s primary method of healing is via the use of herbs, massage, nutrition, and aromatic oils.

Buckle up, February may be fairly intense, dramatic - and even life-changing.

Detoxification is important to both our physical body and our emotional health. Our lives are so very busy now, and it is too easy to overlook the importance of taking a longer-term view of our health.

This December, beauty, art, design, creativity, spirituality and love all raise the spirit.

The right fruits and vegetables play a key factor in the anti-ageing process, says naturopath and herbalist Toni Green.

As we enjoy ever-increasing life expectancy, more and more people are reassessing their traditional views on ageing - and what that looks like is as individual as we are.