Looking for a dynamic therapy that combines elements of massage, yoga and Ayurveda? Look no further, writes Laura Greaves.

Attitudes towards men’s health in Australia have undergone a complete transition in the past 40 years, writes naturopath Tania Flack.

Ensuring your hormones are in balance can lead to a calmer and happier life. Charmaine Yabsley asks our experts how to achieve it.

The seven major chakras are energy points, spinning spheres of bioenergetic activity in the body, writes yoga master Amy Landry.

It is tempting to blame your metabolism, genetic make-up, or hormonal imbalances. However, often the problem is not rooted in the body, but in the mind, says Dr Nicola Davies.

If your 2017 resolution to 'do more exercise' has fallen in a heap by year's end, science shows a solution could be found in a simple cup of coffee.

Researchers have discovered that running burns fat in bone marrow, with added benefits for bone health.

Statistics show that 44 percent of women will experience some form of prolapsed sexual organ in their lifetime, yet Yoga for the Vagina creator Tamra Mercieca says prolapse is healable and preventable.

Older adults with the highest yoghurt intakes are likely to have better bone density and a lower risk of osteoporosis.

Go naked - from the ankles down, at least. Turns out barefoot activities can greatly improve balance and posture and prevent common injuries.

You've likely heard this before: exercise is good for you. But here's one thing you might not have heard: exercise also slows the progression of Parkinson's disease.

Taking multivitamins before and during chemotherapy reduces a patient's risk for developing peripheral neuropathy, a type of nerve damage.

Taking a high dose of vitamin D3 may help regulate the body’s hyperactive immune response in people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

This intriguing bodywork technique puts the client in touch with their body and also deepens their perceptions and wellbeing in general.

Gene variants associated with having an apple-shaped body - one that's larger round the middle - increase risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.