What's new in this issue ...
* Meet the soulpreneur: Yvette Luciano of Earth Events, on cancer, conscious business, and rock concerts.
* Could you have adrenal fatigue? The hidden culprit behind many odd endocrine disorders.
* Thought process: There’s so much more to meditation than simply saying ‘ommm’.
* The eyes have it: Sight is one of our most treasured senses – so why isn't it the focus of more attention?
* Improve immunity: The five most important steps you can take to fight disease naturally.
* Poor digestion: Chinese medicine practitioners believe the gut is the foundation of good health.
* Look younger, live longer: Our experts share their wisdom about the best ways to cheat time.
* Aphrodisiac aromas: As we age arousal ebbs and flows, but sexy scents can inflame intimacy.
* What the MTHRFR?! Could you have this common and potentially dangerous genetic defect?

Plus: Gwyneth Paltrow's favourite sugar-free recipes, slow-cooked winter curries, the pros and cons of protein bars, eco-friendly adventurewear, how to be a food activist, an exclusive interview with Esther Hicks, the inspirational author of The Law of Attraction, 10-minute natural beauty miracles, and much more!

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