In today’s modern world many of us recognise the importance of staying fit and healthy, with one in 10 Australians regularly rolling out the mat to practise some form of yoga.

Physical postures strengthen and balance the body, and are key to our overall wellbeing, but yoga can be much more than a physical workout for the external body. It can heal and support the internal body as well.

Statistics now show that 44 percent of women will experience some form of prolapsed sexual organ in their lifetime, yet Yoga for the Vagina creator Tamra Mercieca, says prolapse is both healable and preventable.

“In order to keep the reproductive system ripe and resilient well into a woman’s twilight years, she needs to practise postures and techniques that target the full ‘pelvic-parfait’ - tissue, fascia, muscles and organs - held within the pelvic bowl.”

This is why she developed a restorative online yoga series, called Yoga for the Vagina, that is designed specifically to help:

Heal and prevent sexual organ prolapse
Cure incontinence
Help you lubricate naturally
Increase fertility and libido
Heal thrush
Balance PMS and hormonal disturbances
Ease anxiety and depression
And awaken the vaginal tissue so you can experience deeper vaginal pleasure.


This practice also incorporates a Jade Egg (above) - used for thousands of years in the Taoist tradition - to help release trauma and conditioning, re-sensitise the vaginal tissue and strengthen the pelvic floor.

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