Mind & Spirit

Many adults who screen positive for depression don't receive any treatment for the condition at all, says a recent study.

Chalk one up for nature over nurture: recent research shows that maths skills (or lack of them) are directly passed on from parent to child.

Evidence is mounting that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can heal and avert disease - so make sure that you choose yours wisely.

Poetry as an expressive art form allows us to heal by opening our voice to articulate our deepest and most intricate truths.

We learn from the rawness of our desires, fears and hatred - but to learn what emotions can teach us, we have to know how to listen.

Time to crack open Anna Karenina - recent research suggests that reading or watching it encourages empathy and imagination, and improves mental health.

Have you ever felt the presence of angels around you? Angelic guidance can and does come in the form of channelled messages, dream, and directly receiving insight.

Sadly, women commonly feel shame about their body and its female functions, which can manifest as health issues.

Can your date of birth and name impact your life's purpose? According to numerologist Michelle Buchanan, they certainly can.

Many of us over-think our way through life - shamanic psychotherapist Abby Wynne shows you how to ground and centre yourself.

In our increasingly noisy world, where silence is rare, the ancient Indian technique of Vipassana provides much-needed respite.

If your worries are getting the better of you, try these tips from top holistic health experts to calm your mind and find your centre.

Karma is the Sanskrit term for "action" - yet it is frequently used as an excuse for inaction.

By cultivating compassion towards yourself and others, you can learn how to transform your life and relationships for the better

Jon Gabriel is an international weight loss expert with a radical message about the role of the brain.