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A study from Oregon State University shows that a high-fat, high-sugar diet results in a significant loss of 'cognitive flexibility' or the power to adapt to change.

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Taking two to three yoga classes each week has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of major depressive disorders.

Looking at cute pictures and videos of baby animals on social media does more than make you smile - it actually improves your concentration.

How we rate our own abilities is strongly based on other people's performance, according to a recent study.

Subjecting female soccer players to a negative stereotype about their abilities reduced their dribbling speed significantly, according to interesting recent research.

Imagine if your mind were like a computer desktop with 150 different windows open at any given time. Identifying which window to close first would be daunting, right?

It's official: helping pays off, with research proving that people who care for others live longer.

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Life is a personal journey, as individual and unique as every snowflake. So why do we constantly seek to copy what works for others?

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Who and what is Abraham? For someone new to the works of Esther Hicks, this would be the obvious first question. The answer, however, may not be so obvious.

EEG recordings prove that learning foreign languages can sharpen our minds.