Have you ever felt the presence of angels around you? Angelic guidance can and does come in the form of channelled messages, dreams and directly receiving insight.


Twenty-six years ago, I was at a real low point when angels helped me open up to a more spiritual way of life. My own spiritual journey has had a series of trials and tribulations which acted as a catalyst for me to transform my life. It gave me a wake-up call that I needed to finally get my life in order.


The word angel is derived from the Greek word 'angelos'. Angels are beings of energy that are composed of ethereal matter. Angels are androgynous, which means they are neither male nor female and cannot take on human form because they are from a different streams of consciousness. Angels have such a high vibratory rate that most people cannot see them, so they show themselves to us in whichever physical form best suits our immediate needs. They appear when we have lost our faith and trust is broken. I work from my heart and I like to share you with you how the Angelic realm can support, guide and nurture everyone on their Soul Path.


Signs that Angels are around you

You may receive flashes of inspirations, learn from your Angel during meditation or experience these ethereal beings profoundly through your psychic/spiritual senses. Angels have a lovely gentle vibration. They are timeless, ageless, and can even be similar-looking to human beings, yet they are always surrounded in a very bright divine light.


Have you heard the quote, 'When angels are near, feathers appear?’ When you find a single white feather in your path, know that Angels are with you. A pure white feather is a symbol of their presence, and is one of the more commonly known signs. For me, finding feathers in a place which is somewhat abnormal is an especially powerful angelic sign. Another sign can be a flower, such as a rose, as Guardian Angels are very connected to Mother Nature. Another indication that Angels are with you is a soft light breeze that gently surrounds you; this signifies to me that the Angels have placed their wings around you. I felt my Guardian Angel's presence like a warm brush across my face, shoulders, hands and arms. One of the most obvious angel signs is through the clouds. My children and I draw our awareness towards clouds that look like hearts, wings, and an Angel. Have you also noticed a lovely sweet scent and been unable to identify the source? While meditating I’m informed that Guardian Angels make their presence known through the power of scent.


When I’m driving my car listening to the radio, songs about Angels are played. This is also a sign that Angels are often sending messages through music. Finding coins in any currency is also a common sign of guidance and support from the Angels. Sparkles of light or seeing orbs is another sign. At home, I’ve also experienced a change in temperature, felt really cold and had a tingling or pressure in my head or on the back of my neck. I’ve also received a loving whisper in my ear that urges me to move out of the way. From experience, I’ve learnt that my Guardian Angel is present. Recently I was travelling in Bedfordshire, England and I wasn’t sure which way to go and my Satnav was not working - again! I said to myself, 'Which way to go?' and almost immediately a huge sign of an angel appeared on a billboard. I took the hint, trusted my intuition and ended up finding the place where I wanted to be.


Please remember, because of the Law of Free Will, Angels cannot intervene in our lives unless we specifically ask for their help and assistance. The Angels that you choose are assigned to you to give you support on your spiritual journey. These Angels help you to identify appropriate goals, grow and mature in wisdom and find inner peace. I wrote The Angel Journey Workbook, to assist you to bring the Angels into your life and help address issues like: your career, life path or anything that may be keeping you from accomplishing your life purpose. For those who have trouble in meditating, then this is ideal for you. When you connect with the Angelic realm you need to find the ‘right’ way that is comfortable for you, as Angel communication is different for everyone. Your personal relationship with Angels will deepen as you connect with them regularly. Let go of the outcome, and trust that you will receive the guidance you need, even though it may come in unexpected ways. Take baby steps to establish your connection with the Angels and watch the miracles unfold.


In The Angel Journey Workbook, I call these ethereal beings, 'Alphabet Angels.’ The purpose of these Angelic individuals is to help you find an easy way to begin working with and receiving guidance from the Angels. A useful starting point would be to list the different Angels that you can think of and just call on the name to let them know that you require some help. Please remember, when you invoke Angels that the outcome will almost always be successful, but they are catalysts and the journey to the outcome may not always happen as you might have imagined it would. From my own experience, the more you are able to detach yourself from the outcome (and this is something that you can never control), the freer you will become. When invoking the Angels, say your request three times out loud and give thanks to the Angels for listening. The repetition is considered good practice, because the first time you are informing your conscious mind of your intent, the second impresses its importance upon the Unconscious and third time is for the Angelic realm.


Here are some examples: when the New Year begins, why not invoke the Angel of New Beginnings and the Angel of the New Year to bring you a joyful New Year. Invoke the Angel of Grace to bring kindness and beauty into your life; invoke the Angel of Light to shine a light of happiness into your life. Why not invoke the Angel of Encouragement to allow all tasks to be completed? Invoke Archangel Ariel for courage to move past the barriers you have set before you. Invoke the Angel of Abundance to help create abundant energy or maybe the Angel of Courage to stand alongside you when you have to meet someone for the very first time.


When I worked full time in an office, the atmosphere was always horrible, especially on Mondays. As my connection with Angels became stronger, while driving to work I would invoke the Angel of Laughter, Angel of Communication and send it to work and to accompany everyone in the working environment. This was really a good thing to do because without fail, everyone was in a great mood once the working day got going. Why not give it a try?


Angels and traffic

Are you always late for work, appointments, meeting friends and that important interview? When you leave late, do you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam? Why not just ask the Angels' help to move the traffic along? Simply visualise the traffic moving and it will move when it is supposed to as it's all down to Divine Timing. My four children and I have made up this rhyme when we are stuck in traffic: ‘Angels, Angels, everywhere, Push the traffic, so we can get there’. And sure enough, the traffic starts to move. Why not give it a go, you have nothing to lose? Remember always to give thanks to the Angels.


Angels, exams and tests

When my children have any kind of tests in school, whether it's spelling, maths or even a music exam, they tend to be nervous, which is the most natural thing. Children, however, have a great power of imagination and a natural affinity to connect with the Angelic realm. So, I invoke the Angels for my four children to help them concentrate in their studies and absorb new skills. I always tell my children to ask the Angels to whisper them the answers and they walk into school with big smiles on their faces, full of confidence to face their tests. I’m amazed that this happens every time. I’ve learnt from my own experiences that this empowers your child’s self-confidence and self-worth and helps them feel in control of what they are facing. This is not only helps them develop mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually.


Protect your home and car

Ask Archangel Michael to watch over your car, especially leaving it in a place where you feel vulnerable. I always visualise him sitting with his wings and shield covering the whole car, accompanied with other Protection Angels surrounding him. I’ve had friends who have protected their motorbikes, caravans and bicycle’s in this way.


When you go on holiday; a weekend away, or even when you are going to work, why not invoke Archangel Michael and the Angels of Protection to stand outside your house. Some students have reported back to me that they have placed Archangel Michael outside the front and back door and the Angels of Protection outside each window. One of my students Tom does a lot of camping with this family. When they went off for walks, he always invoked Archangel Michael to look after his camping equipment until the time they all came back. Tom always gave thanks to the Angels so that they would assist him the next time he invoked them.


If you practise Energy Healing like me and have knowledge of healing symbols, you can use them in the preparation of each meal that you make for your family. Invoke the Angels of Nourishment and Cooking when you are creating meals for yourself and your family.


This list is endless on what Angels you can invoke for yourself. Your personal relationship with Angels will deepen as you connect with them regularly. The Angels welcome the opportunity to prove their existence to you – again and again and just watch the miracles unfold.


Kylie Holmes is a mother of four Old Souls; she is also a Writer, Author of The Angel Journey Workbook, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Spiritual Counsellor and Past Life Regression Therapist. Kylie runs workshops on how to connect with your Angels. Kylie is also available for Party Bookings, One to One Readings and Demonstrations on how to connect with Angelic Realm.;;