Feeling jaded? Sluggish? S-c-a-t-t-e-r-e-d? Charmaine Yabsley talks to top holistic health experts about how reboot your soul and spirit.

1. Earth yourself

“Acupuncture gives me clarity; it’s very calming and nurturing,” says doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Shura Ford. “Gardening also helps me find balance. I love to get my hands in the dirt. I have flower gardens and a veggie patch and love to get out there with my kids on a sunny day to help ground me and clear the cobwebs.”

2. Detox and declutter

“Create an environment that lifts your spirit,” suggests counsellor Luke Sheedy. “Get rid of clutter. Make your space beautiful with candles and flowers to encourage a flow of positive chi (energy) through your home. Clear your mind by dealing with anxiety, stress, and worry. Don’t give your energy away, focus on giving it back to you. Detox your relationships: never underestimate how much negative people can affect your mood. Letting go of stagnant energy frees your mind.”

3. Enjoy nature

“Spending time in nature not only recharges your physical batteries, but also improves your mood,” adds Sheedy. “It can be as simple as watching a sunrise or sunset, or going for an ocean swim and feeling the salt water on your skin. Feel the energy of life’s natural architecture!”

4. Love yourself

“Take a moment to love yourself, the people around you, your work, your home, your life. Love is the best-ever energy to get from deep inside yourself and create more of that Zen feeling,” says Abigail O’Neill, author of Model Chocolate. “My top tips to create love are: walk barefoot every day over grass, pebbles or sand, and stretch and breathe deeply; take cold showers and exfoliate, even in winter - it's anti-ageing, toning and exhilarating - and eat raw cacao chocolate!”

5. Try a mini-meditation

“Even just a few minutes of meditation – whether it’s at your desk, on the bus, or before you go to sleep – encourages mindfulness and relaxation, which in turn reduces stress and increases self-awareness,” says yoga and Tai chi teacher Fiona Patterson. “Sit comfortably, keeping your spine long. Relax your face and jaw, and keep your feet flat on the floor, to connect with the earth. Close your eyes and take your focus inward. Bring awareness to your breath, moving in and out of your nose; maintain your awareness through a full inhalation, and a full exhalation. As you take slow, deep breaths, be present in the moment, and release tension from your body. Slowly blink your eyes open.”

6. Move towards your heart's desire

“Do the one thing that you KNOW will make the difference - and let the rest go,” says health coach Kalianna Dean. “It might be rearranging your work schedule, signing up for a course or spending an evening vision-boarding. Being Zen often comes down to priorities: we can always pinpoint one action, the one change, big or small, that will get us back into flow and lift our vibration. A simple movement in the direction of your heart’s desire, whatever that means for you, will instantly put you in Buddha territory.”

7. Breathe like Buddha

“A relaxed body and chilled mind need free-flowing prana - the ultimate life force energy,” says yoga teacher Nikola Ellis. “Sit quietly, close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Bring your inhalation and exhalation to the same count: four in, four out). After four rounds, extend your exhalation by a count of two. After four more rounds, increase the exhalation by a further count of two. Breathe like this for another 20 breaths, then stop counting and breathe naturally. You’ll feel calm and centred, yet energised.”

8. Create sacred space

“Sacred space nourishes your soul, but the elements that make it up are as unique as you are,” says The Home Alchemist, Emily J. Rooney. “A good place to start is to chose an intention for your home, such as a peaceful home, a healing home or a prosperous home. Then trust your intuition to guide you regarding colours, textures, sounds and scents that align with and empower your soul’s intention.”

9. Three easy steps

“I have learnt three simple rules which bring me inner and outer peace,” says founder of La Mav, Tarj Mavi. “Firstly, smile, even when you don’t want to - you’ll see the power this simple gesture has on improving your mood. Secondly, don’t blame. Like holding a grudge, this only leads to negativity. Finally, have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Learn and let go, the best is yet to come!”

10. Be mindful

“Practise this simple mindfulness technique anywhere, any time, to quiet your mind and open yourself up to creativity and inspiration,” says stress therapist Celina Gregory Phillips. “Sit quietly with your eyes closed, observing your breath. Allow your thoughts to come and go without judgement, while continually bringing your focus back to the breath. Repeat for as long as you can, ideally 20 minutes."

11. Be. Here. Now.

"We can go through life almost on autopilot, our minds elsewhere as we float through the real world like ghosts,” says Marie Jenkins, founder of Kosmea. “Instead, practise this: every action you take today, no matter how small, give it weight. Put some space around it. Start it intentionally, with the intention to inhabit that action fully, to notice with all your senses the entire moment. When the action is done, don’t just rush to the next one, but take half a second to appreciate what you just experienced. Only then move to the next, and with equal weight and space.”

12. Pamper yourself

“Slather on a relaxing face mask on a weekly basis,” suggests Irene Falcone of Nourished Life. “I like the Dr Alkaitis Organic Beautifying Face Mask – it’s fortified with healing, immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory mushrooms to help inject nutrients into your skin and de-blah in an instant.”

13. Brush up

“Use a dry body brush first thing in the morning to wake you up, get rid of dead skin cells and boost your circulation,” adds Falcone. “Your skin will be smoother and you'll fewer less lumps and bumps, too.”

14. Try something different

“My latest Zen habit is Chinese calligraphy,” says acupuncturist Kim Gatenby. “It’s designed around quietly and methodically preparing your ink, brushes and paper, and sitting still while you calmly contemplate each brush stroke. There’s no room in your mind for to-do lists when each brush stroke is permanent. It is very freeing and relaxing, once you stop allowing yourself to be constrained by perfectionism, to just let the painting flow.”

15. Seek serotonin

“Reduce stimulants like caffeine and refined sugar, and eat foods close to their natural state to support your digestion and gut health,” says Mojo mentor Jo Brown. “Serotonin is initially actually produced by your gut.”

16. Put your feet up

“The rock star of restorative yoga poses is 'Legs Up the Wall',” adds Brown. “It’s deeply nourishing for your adrenal glands and lymphatic system, and inversion that swings you back into the Zen-like parasympathetic branch of your nervous system.”

17. Find home base

"Home is the best place for me to be in a Zen state,” says nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara. “Routine, a visit to the farmers market, a morning swim, surrounding myself with like-minded family and friends - this is my home base. But I travel for work, so it's important I find my base when I'm away. I do this by using meditations, like Sacred Acoustics "OM", finding some nature to walk in, hunting down the best food, and nourishing myself with the sounds and tastes of a new place."

18. Get into the groove

“Listening or dancing to music has always been the fastest way for me to reclaim my Zen,” says rock-acupuncturist Keri Krieger. “Also, notice where you’re breathing and bring it back down to your belly. Then ask yourself my latest favourite question: ‘What would love do?’ It always makes me smile and reminds me not to take things quite so seriously; or, if seriousness is required, it reminds me to have faith and put one foot calmly in front of the other.”

19. Try EFT

“As an energy healing practitioner and trainer, I relax by using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),” says energist and author Kelly Burch. “It involves a gentle tapping sequence on meridian points of the face and body, while focusing on something relaxing and soothing. I like to use ‘Peace’ or ‘Calm’ as my focus with the tapping. It can also be used as a way to process and let go of any kind of difficult emotion, rather than feeling stuck, angry, disappointed, or sad.”

20. Align your brain

“'Sunia Antar’ in kundalini, or ‘Padadhirasana’ in hatha traditions, balance the two hemisphere of your brain and promote calm,” says yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson. “Usually this technique is employed at the beginning, or end of a hatha practice, or during a kundalini meditation practice. Drink a glass of water before this practice: when there is a water imbalance in the system, and the kidneys are under pressure, it can cause worry or upset to creep into your consciousness. Sit cross-legged, place your arms across your chest and lock your hands under your armpits, palms open and against the body and thumbs pointing upwards. Raise your shoulders up tightly against your earlobes, without cramping your neck muscles. Keep your chin tucked into your throat. Breathe deeply and slowly through both nostrils, lips closed, for a count of three to eleven. You’ll find that your thoughts are still there, but you won’t ‘feel’ them; it’s a very effective method of balancing functional brain.”

21. Glow, girl!

“Meditation is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to feel bliss,” says author and self-love teacher, Melissa Ambrosini. “All it takes is one mindful minute to stop and take a few deep breaths; close your eyes if you wish. Meditation eases depression, anxiety and brings you back to the present moment. I am so passionate about it, I have dedicated a whole element to it in my latest online program, Get Your Glow On - the no BS guide to being fabulously healthy and bursting with love.”

Meet our experts

Shura Ford, doctor of Chinese medicine at Ford Wellness Group.
Luke Sheedy, counsellor, motivator and author of Discover Your Path, Your Life is Worth Living.
Abigail O'Neill, author of Model Chocolate, featuring raw, healthy, dairy-, gluten- and refined sugar-free chocolate recipes.
Fiona Patterson, yoga, Tai chi and qigong instructor.
Kalianna Dean, health coach and yoga and meditation instructor.
Nikola Ellis, yoga teacher at Adore Yoga.
Emily J Rooney, The Home Alchemist.
Tarj Mavi, founder of La Mav.
Celina Gregory Phillips, stress therapist and wellbeing coach.
Marie Jenkins, founder of Kosmea.
Irene Falcone, founder of toxin-free beauty e-tailer Nourished Life.
Kim Gatenby, acupuncturist, author of Holistic Fertility.
Jo Brown, Mojo mentor.
Cyndi O'Meara, nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits.
Keri Kreiger, rock-acupuncturist.
Kelly Burch, energist and author of Parenting With Heart & Soul.
Charlotte Dodson, yoga teacher.
Melissa Ambrosini, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, self-love teacher and Mean Girl ass kicker.