Your soul has a mystical agenda that is strengthened and fulfilled through your greatest struggles. Wellbeing coach Noni Boon unlocks the secrets to finding true holistic wellbeing via this exciting new technique.

Many books have been written on the law of attraction, with exercises to perform in order to create the perfect life, and how to manifest cars, jobs, homes, even relationships. So why does this ‘recipe’ work for some people and not for others? The word 'manifest' contains the word ‘if’ - this is because it only works if certain conditions line up and harmonise. ‘Holifest’, on the other hand – abbreviated from ‘holistic’ and ‘manifest’ - is a surefire recipe for rocketing ‘manifest’ to ‘magnifest’. The best part is that there are only two ingredients – strength of character and knowledge of self, in mind, body, and soul.

1. Know your own mind

Your mind is a powerful tool, and training it to open and expand is fundamental to successfully holifest. Narrow, negative thinking disempowers your mind and inhibits your ability to create and attract. Conflict with others often comes from failure to see another person’s perspective. Broadening your perspective and giving more consideration to what other people want will ultimately help you to achieve your own desires. Think of your mind as a large apartment with a mezzanine level where you can observe everything that is going on down below. Become the witness of your thoughts and practise being spectator to the welcome and unwelcome thoughts that force their way into your mind. This bystander part of you is called your consciousness or higher self. Having this awareness enhances the practice of mindfulness.

2.Shift your perspective

Being able to see things from another person’s perspective is a trait common to successful, happy people. You don’t see things as they are; you see things as you are. To really understand what motivates others and why they behave the way they do is the only way to develop empathy, and having empathy and compassion for others immediately sets you apart from the crowd. In business, and often in life, nobody really cares about what you want. Most people are more concerned with what they want. To be successful, you need to see what other people need and then create solutions to their problems. The only way to do this is to start to see things from their perspective, as opposed to remaining in your own mind-sets. If you can develop the skill and practice of seeing things from other people’s perspectives, you will become a better, more successful person.

3. Care for your body

Your body is both a vehicle and a sanctuary. While it moves you and sustains a physical life for you, it also works with your spirit and soul to skipper your very existence. Your body is constantly giving you feedback, analysing data and stimuli to assist you in navigating life. Treating your body with love and respect is paramount to having a quality relationship with your physical form. Like all relationships, it is built on appreciation, acceptance, and forgiveness. The physical body you have is perfect for you in this lifetime and serves you on every level: be mindful of how you feed, reward, and preserve its health and wellbeing, and learn how to work with its feelings and sensations for a profound and unique understanding of your life.

4. Understand conflict

At times there will be conflict between what you think and what you feel. Your thoughts and feelings are an opportunity to get in touch with your instinctual knowing, and to ask yourself what your intuition is trying to tell you. We like things to be clear-cut and we seek definitive conclusions, but life operates on a grey scale and there are many aspects to any one situation or experience. Be patient and observant when holding conflicting thoughts and feelings, and pay attention to how your desires affect you and others. Often these inconsistencies show up to give you time to process or to allow the Universe to shuffle things around in your favour.

5. Practise soul surrender

No matter what your belief system or religious denomination, one universal truth points to some form of creator. This creator is without gender, form, creed, or colour, and is the source of spirit that operates your life force. This creator is ‘oneness’, and you are one with it. We all have the virtues and attributes of this creator; we are all part of it, and its spirit is also your spirit. Your soul is the highest aspect of who you are, it is devoid of human personality and character. It is a direct fragment of the divine creator of this Universe. Your soul is perfect and eternal in all aspects; it is connected to your human character and links directly with your spirit and the creator. Your soul drives your life purpose and directs you toward your highest potential.
The need to be right is a common human trait and it doesn’t make you popular! If you strive for perfection, you may believe that only you know the most efficient way through a task, problem, or challenge, but this need to control will block your capacity to delegate and to trust in others. Surrendering control allows the highest form of intelligence and creativity to take over your life. Wouldn’t you like the entity that created the Universe to be the director of the movie that is your life? When you surrender and hand it over, you become more relaxed and actually enjoy the journey. Co-creation is the ultimate way to holifest: set the intention and then completely let go and let the flow of life take over.

Noni Boon is a wellbeing coach. You can find her book Holifest at and all major book retailers.