Mind & Spirit

Whether your heart aches due to lost love, illness, or basic disappointment in life, meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler has the wisdom you need.

Leading the conversation on regenerative impact, land healer and environmentalist Dr Mahdi Mason is passionate about restoring the balance between people and Mother Earth.

Is there an afterlife? Near death experiences may offer spiritual lessons or they could just be psychological and physical phenomena. Either way, they’re a window into unknown worlds.

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Kristine Carlson, widow of Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, has a message of hope for anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

The thrill of achieving a goal, the 'runner's high' after a workout – that's dopamine at work, a key neurotransmitter behind drive, focus, and productivity.

Sex in dreams is rarely about real sex, but more about intimacy; essentially it is the wake up call you need.

Imposter syndrome is known as a state in which you feel like a fraud. It’s a psychological pattern and can be seen when an individual accomplishes something and still doubts their skills and abilities.

We all know that the past events can influence the present — but what about the events of past lives? Laura Greaves explores the healing power of past life therapy.

The Language of Flowers has spoken throughout time to help us share joy and comfort, to be our romantic messengers and to illuminate pathways of healing to flower and plant-based modalities.

The word ‘success’ can trigger all kinds of feelings and thoughts. If you did a survey asking people to define what it means, the reality is you would get various answers and comments.

Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves N.D. show you how to enhance your spiritual and psychic gifts with foods that are brimming with life-force energy.