Cosmic compatibility can make or break a relationship. Naturopath Caroline Robertson shows you how astral attraction can magnetise a mate.


Ambitious, adventurous Aries love a chase and a challenge. If you’re their target, get ready for a good time but not necessarily a long time. Ruled by fiery Mars, Aries’ passionate nature means they leap before they look. Don’t let them conquer you quickly; be easy to be with but hard to get.
Do: Power dress. Enjoy adrenalin escapades. Be independent. Encourage their ambitions. Embrace change and spontaneity.
Don’t: Be boring and sedentary. Try to control or contain them.
Archetypes: Hugh Heffner and Lady Gaga.


Ruled by Venus, these traditional, uncomplicated types seek simple sensual pleasures: a nice house, possessions, food and a stable mate. In return Taureans are loyal and dependable. They thrive on touch, gifts, good food and family values, but can be controlling or stubborn and hold a grudge.
Do: Appreciate money, possessions, food, art and nature. Give great massages and kisses. Be direct, open and honest.
Don’t: Be a spendthrift, unpredictable, unreliable, lazy or disloyal. Try to change or manipulate them. Be too independent.

Archetypes: Jack Nicholson and Penelope Cruz.


Geminis enjoy mental and musical stimulation, adventure, spontaneity, variety, clever conversation, current affairs and light-hearted humour. They need freedom - routine or repetition are death to them. Their twin symbol denotes their changeable nature and ability to understand the opposite sex.
Do: Be their buddy, independent, intelligent, extrovert and witty. Keep it light, adventurous, spontaneous. Appreciate the arts.
Don’t: Judge their interests or ideas. Be boring. Discuss heavy topics, like commitment and emotions.
Archetypes: Angelina Jolie and Kanye West.


Like their totem animal, Cancers can be crabby when criticised. Their tough exterior hides a soft heart. Compassionate and sentimental nesters and nurturers, Cancers communicate via touch rather than talk, and value family and friends. Expect a slow courtship as their shell slowly lets you in.
Do: Wine and dine them. Be affectionate, secure and romantic. Reminisce about childhood memories.
Don’t: Be cold or uncommunicative. Hate their family. Dress or act radically. Neglect them. Have an uncomfortable home.
Archetypes: Tom Hanks and Sofia Vergara.


Entertaining, energetic and outwardly confident, life-of-the-party Leos love luxury and rely on recognition and reciprocation to overcome deep self-doubt. Like a child, they thrive on attention, affection and fun. They can be demanding divas, but are generous and committed to loved ones.
Do: Have fun and excitement together. Compliment and encourage them. Be stylish and dignified. Put them on a pedestal.
Don’t: Humiliate them in public. Discourage their dreams. Force them to do things. Steal their spotlight.
Archetypes: Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Virgos are ice-capped volcanoes: melt their exterior and you’ll find a considerate, conscientious mate. Picky Virgos are turned off by messy, crude or critical people, but someone who supports their self-improvement in a secure setting and is classy, clean and respects routine is a Virgo dream.
Do: Be dependable, respectful, health-conscious, reassuring and caring. Give them time to themselves. Work together for the greater good.
Don’t: Spring surprises on them. Express expectations of them as they may withdraw from fear of failure. Invade their privacy.

Archetypes: Mother Teresa and Michael Jackson.


Symbolised by the scales, intellectual Librans seek balance: they want a mate who enhances an artistic, harmonious and socially satisfying life, who can discuss abstract ideas and see all sides to issues. Often attractive, charming and refined, Librans want the same qualities in their partner.
Do: Be graceful, social, caring, peaceful, and attentive. Take initiative. Listen when they speak. Complement their intellect.
Don’t: Control, criticise, pose, or be abusive.
Archetypes: Gwyneth Paltrow and Will Smith.


When a Scorpio stares into your soul, they can seduce or sting you as they like. Scorpios like dark, dramatic terrain, are attracted to intrigue and esoterica, and are passionate lovers, expecting extreme devotion: break-ups can make them vengeful. Love them or hate them, you’ll never be bored.
Do: Be present, serious, sexually adventurous, eccentric, strong, and deep. Explore life’s mysteries with them. Respect their privacy Imply past life or psychic connection.
Don’t: Talk about exes or lie. Treat relationship like a casual fling. Be shallow, frigid or narrow-minded.

Archetypes: Leonardo DiCaprio and Delta Goodrem.


Footloose Sagittarians like a smart, stimulating partner with a great personality. Astrology’s adolescents, Sagittarians don’t like restrictions: they crave fun, learning, adventure and attention. If you can handle their impatience and restlessness, you have a lucky lover to laugh through life with.
Do: Enjoy humour and romantic adventures. Help them attain their goals.
Don’t: Be a dependent, negative, argumentative homebody. Stop learning. Press for commitment.
Archetypes: Brad Pitt and Taylor Swift.


Tough Caps only crack after they’ve tested you over time. Notoriously calculating and conservative, they consider consequences carefully. Once committed, they’re generous and protective. Reserved in public, privately their sensuality is impressive. An earth sign, they like clear communication.
Do: Lighten them up with laughter. Enhance their status and success. Appreciate their achievements. Be patient, respectful, discreet, dependable. Help them relax.
Don’t: Be controlling, clingy, weak, irresponsible, embarrassing or self-destructive. Make them uncomfortable or pressured.
Archetypes: Kate Middleton and Muhammed Ali.


Aquarians prioritise planetary over personal issues: with a humanitarian, inclusive attitude, revolutionary ideas interest them more than romance. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, their quirky, contradictory, and caring nature makes them fun, supportive partners, but conventions like marriage are too corny for their taste.  
Do: Be adventurous, unique, mysterious, confident, fun, understanding and their friend. Make dates different.
Don’t: Be unclean, clingy or cruel. Show affection first.
Archetypes: Ellen DeGeneres and Robbie Williams.


This shy, sensitive sign periodically escapes reality via creativity, spirituality or recreational drugs. Their soulmate will allow them freedom to fantasise while driving their dreams into reality. Pisces are empathetic, intuitive, romantic and humble souls who can be dedicated partners.
Do: Enlist their help and help them with practical issues. Be soulful, exotic, aloof, needy and philosophical. Relax and ground them. Compliment them.
Don’t: Be confrontational, unsympathetic, cruel, cynical, guarded and controlling. Squash their dreams. Be dishonest or demanding.

Archetypes: Elizabeth Taylor and Kurt Cobain.

Caroline Robertson is an overachieving Virgo juggling naturopathic consulting, teaching, writing and debating with her Taurean daughter.