Consider a colour makeover to paint your life into a mindful masterpiece, by absorbing beneficial beams through art, clothes, décor, drink, food, LED light, make-up, nature, and possessions. Tired? Wear red. Looking for love? Choose pale pink bedding. Communication issues? Cue blue. Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a colour to suit you.

Black says, “I’m independent, deep, and potentially dangerous.” It absorbs all colours, digging an inky pool of possibilities. Technically a tone, black has sinister associations – think: blackmail, black rage, blacklist, and black sheep - and is linked to death and denial. An excess can depress, but black isn’t all dark: it’s slimming and sophisticated to wear, black suits and religious attire set an authoritative tone, and black cars and décor signal classic taste. Black can be used to banish people and to protect yourself. Black is the colour for Yin, Saturdays, and solemn ceremonies.

Red attracts attention: red flags, red lights, fire engines, stop signs, and red carpets stand out. Red is the lowest and longest light frequency, therefore it's aligned with the root chakra and our base material needs - our drive for food, shelter, reproduction, and security is ruled by red. Absorb or adorn red to increase alertness, appetite, energy, libido, and passion, to stimulate circulation, create heat, motivate, and be brave. Like a red rag to a bull, red gets things going, with South Carolina 's Research Service Center showing that using red plastic sheeting under tomato and cotton plants produced a 15-20% higher yield than plants grown over traditional black or clear plastic. Red can shift sluggish states like anaemia, arthritis, bursitis, and dull skin. Beware of red's stimulating effect, as it can increase anxiety, heat, blushing, flushing, inflammation, anger, sex addiction, blood pressure, and stress. When using red externally, temper it with cooling white, silver or lilac.

It’s hard to feel down when you’re looking at a yellow buttercup or a golden sunrise. Yellow is nature’s Prozac, the colour of positivity, enthusiasm, energy, wealth, health, happiness, optimism, curiosity, and confidence. Yellow is worn by Buddhists to represent untarnished golden teachings. If you’re feeling stuck, inhale yellow for inspiration, insight, and intellect. Yellow is connected with Sundays, the solar plexus chakra, the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and lymph. Harness this solar energy to fire up digestion, motivation, and self-esteem. Lie under the sun or a yellow LED light for constipation, depression, diabetes, wind, liver troubles, skin issues, and adrenal exhaustion.

Cheerful orange encourages expression, connection, digestion, and transmutation of sexual energy. Orange increases our appetite for eating and living, and is an energising, extrovert colour that stimulates the sacral chakra and the gastrointestinal tract.

“Green is the prime colour of the world … from which its loveliness arises,” wrote Pedro Calderon de la Barca. Gazing at fields and forests unites us with nature. Green is a healing and balancing colour, and is connected with Wednesdays, the liver, and the heart chakra. Use green to harbour harmonious connections, cleanse the blood, calm the heart, and rejuvenate. Green is good for immunity in conditions such as cancer. It soothes the eyes, headaches, nerves, and balances blood pressure. To increase peace, prosperity and tranquillity, decorate with indoor plants. Light greens are good for turning over a new leaf, and deep greens for connecting with Gaia. Green LED therapy is wonderful for capillaries, sagging, inflammation, and pigmentation.

The blue sky and sea are universal tonics. Blue creates a calm, clear, cooling feeling that soothes stress and inflammation. Dr Edwin Babbitt wrote in The Principles of Light and Color, "The Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world," and it is used for infections, particularly of the throat. Dark blue conveys conventional reliability and light blue creates a sense of spacious liberation. Blue enhances expression and communication – one study discovered people exposed to blue were better able to explore their creative sides. The sedating hue can decrease blood pressure, respiration rate, fever, and insomnia, but is contraindicated in cold conditions, like pneumonia. Blue LED therapy is effective for acne, hyperactivity, pain, and bleeding. Staring at mobile and computer screens excessively damages the eyes, so blue-blocking glasses or filters are protective.

Just as a Purple Heart is not for the faint-hearted, purple is for those who stand by their beliefs. As purple is a blend of red and blue, it bestows a balance between stimulation and sedation. Lavender affects the third eye chakra and can be used for increasing insight, intuition, and intelligence. Darker purple creates a regal, decadent, and esoteric air. Purple can provide relief from epilepsy, headaches, rheumatism, and mental confusion. Mystics use purple for sacred rituals to contact subtle realms and purify energy.

White radiates peace, purity, spirituality, and healing. White is the colour for Mondays, the crown chakra, the lungs,and new beginnings. It’s often worn by ascetics, healers, brides, and mourners in Asia, as it denotes divine energy. Health is associated with white teeth, white eyes, and immune-boosting white blood cells. A transparent innocence is represented by the white flag of surrender, the white dove of peace, white lies, the white dress of communion, and sacred white light. It can increase ego and aloofness saying, “I’m cold, superior, untouchable” - this extends to white cars which have less accidents, according to Monash University research. White is the vibration of pure consciousness; hence it is used for healing, protection and transcendence. Shower a waterfall of white light over yourself and others for health and happiness. Summon white’s high-beam benefits by wearing it, moon-gazing, and using ivory candles.

Caroline Robertson has a colourful life, which includes consulting as a naturopath, teaching first aid and playing with her artistic daughter.