AP: October issue and iPad edition out now!

The October 2013 issue of Nature & Health is available this week in newsagencies, via print subscription and on iPad[], with a fantastic line up of great stories. Here are some of the highlights:

What’s new in this issue

* Break through your weight loss barriers Top holistic experts show you how to lose those last kilos – without rabbit food or deprivation.

* Heal your hologram The fascinating science of fractology marries modern energy healing work with ancient spiritual skills.

* The raw deal A guy with the middle name ‘Avocado’ has to be the real thing, right? Meet David Wolfe, world authority on nutrition, raw and living foods.

* Detox your diet The many benefits of a vitamin-rich detox diet include weight loss, more energy, and stronger immunity. Oh, and did we mention it’s delicious, too?

* Mystic cooking Spiritual guru Denise Linn on nourishment and spirit – learn how to use food to open your chakras and invite angels for dinner!

* Viva the vagina! Your vagina is a warm, moist environment, and so unfortunatey it can be a perfect breeding ground for unwanted invaders. Here’s how to keep it healthy.

* The rainforest warrior John Seed, pioneering conservationist, ecologist and activist talks about the philosophy of deep ecology.

* Plus Neuro-emotional therapy, asanas to boost energy, cherries (baby!), natural therapies and remedies for asthma, hayfever, arthritis, gum disease, sinusitis, nightmares, and liver health, how to use rituals to recharge your life, the facts on high blood sugar, how to practise self-forgiveness, try fire-walking, the best new natural beauty serums, foot creams and anti-ageing eye treatments, cruelty-free peace silk, kicking the parenting comparison reflex, camu camu, eco-sex toys, and much more!

Nature & Health is now available on iPad - click here[] to download!