Astro blog: Your stars for November

"Steady as she goes" is your catchphrase this month, as your well-laid plans will benefit from an injection of energy and motivation from fiery Mars all through November.

Proactive Mars will be in steady Capricorn for the entire month, promoting fresh enthusiasm and vitality and the chance to attain your goals in a well-organised, methodical, diligent and practical way. And steady Saturn will sustain your energy levels and efforts, providing you with a sense of calm, helping you to attain a level of security and stability in a vital area which came to your attention around the eclipses in October.

In November, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate your new ideas and perceptions with the benefit of wisdom and experience; and to set sail with activities which fulfil you emotionally; encouraging a deeper understanding of what – and who – truly matters to you the most now.

And, while the Full Moon on the 7th will add to your abilities to ‘anchor’ your dreams in reality, the New Moon on the 22nd will encourage you to dive into a fresh adventure, be this via travel; or via a bold work venture; or simply due to a refreshing, more outgoing approach to life in general.

November’s pulse points: the 11th (when Mars will align with powerful Pluto); the 13th (when Venus will align with Saturn); the 18th, (when the Sun will align with Saturn), and the 26th (when Mercury will align with Saturn), will regenerate your energy and motivate you to get things done (especially on the 11th); and also create opportunities to bring more stability, comfort and security into your life.

The rest, as they say, is up to you ... Never forget that you have free will, which is the ability to choose your own path. And, if at first you do not succeed, try and try again: the achievements you value the most are often those which have been the hardest to accomplish.

Patsy Bennett is an astrologer. Visit her at Facebook: Astrocast1
Photo credit: Mireille Merlet-Shaw for APN