A true celestial treat will kick-start April: the total lunar eclipse on the 4th.

This lunar eclipse will be visible from Australia, weather permitting*. Forecasts of a spectacular ‘Blood Moon’ will depend on the degree of light refracted in the Earth’s atmosphere as the Moon passes through the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse will occur in a relatively short time, too, so if a Blood Moon does eventuate, it’ll be relatively short!

Astrologically, this eclipse will continue an important story in your life which began, or came to a crescendo, around the solar eclipse on the 20th last month and, in this particular story, you may also trace major developments back to April last year.

This eclipse will add another chapter to unfolding developments and will feel particularly powerful - or even emotional - for Librans, whose sign the eclipse falls in; as well as for the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, although the eclipse will motivate everyone to some degree to establish more harmony and balance within crucial areas of their lives.

And, if your energy levels have been lacklustre recently, or life just hasn’t seemed as upbeat as usual, you’ll benefit from Jupiter turning ‘direct’ on April 9th, ending its four-month-long retrograde phase. This will feel especially relevant for Leos, Aquarians, Taureans and Scorpios (and, if you know your birth chart, if you have a strong theme involving any of these signs).

In addition, mid-month, a lovely aspect which will synchronise the movements of Mercury and Venus will bring about upbeat insights and deeper understanding of your own needs and wishes, which will prove uplifting after the flurries of activity, and strong feelings or indecisiveness brought up by the lunar eclipse on the 4th.

The New Moon on April 19th will add further ‘zing’ to proceedings, as plans which have been on the back-burner can now be put into action decisively. And, if yet more change is the last thing you need right now, rest assured that Pluto, the powerhouse engine which has been driving deep transformation in your life since last year, will take some of the pressure off mid-month: Pluto will be retrograde for the next few months, giving you the opportunity to review your bigger-picture circumstances, and to ensure you’re absolutely sure you’re heading in the right direction.

* Western Australia will miss the early partial phase.

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