There will be two full moons this month - the second is what is known as a 'blue moon' - so who knows what will happen?

It's time to live life to the fullest, to breathe fresh air into your favourite activities; to dance, and to enjoy music and creativity. If you've been hiding your light, prepare to be more outgoing, as this month's astro-climate will encourage you to meet new people and explore new worlds...

You will gain fresh direction, at the very least, in July and with two full moons - the second is known as a 'blue moon'* - you may even experience a 'once in a blue moon' moment.

With the knowledge that you can steam ahead into pastures new, you may regain a sense of purpose as a result of letting go of a past idea or even a commitment which has run its course. The blue moon in Aquarius on the 31st will encourage you to try a new look, a refreshing health regime or even improved work and daily schedules which will spruce up your general outlook. For many, life could take a gentle 90-degree turn, be this at home, financially, at work, with a health issue or in a broader context.

This month's New Moon on the 16th also suggests a healing theme will pervade the month; a spiritual venture or a belief could be vindicated and, for some, a turning point will be reached regarding a learning curve or longer-term venture. With all this proactive progress this month, it's best to base decisions on facts rather than emotions, especially if you're a water sign - Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces - as you may be most easily misled, largely due to the enticing and upbeat tone of the month overall. But if you keep your feet firmly on the ground, the two full moons could supercharge your life - as long as you let them!

* A 'blue moon' refers to four full moons in a three-month season, as opposed to three. That said, the second full moon in a month is also often referred to as a blue moon, as it is this month.

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