The New Moon on June 17th will help you to open a new door, says astrologer Patsy Bennett.

June has an exciting edge, as new frontiers and bright ideas and ventures will spark your imagination. You will already have a good idea which areas in your life could be more exciting or interesting. And now, innovative ideas and an energised, optimistic and expansive approach to putting plans in action will help you to create great results, especially once the Gemini New Moon on the 17th of June helps you to open a new door.

The key to success this month revolves largely around you believing in yourself, trusting in your abilities, and also in a higher power, because once you put your faith in the belief that you will succeed, very little can stop you. Progress can be made steadily in various areas and a departure from your usual routine may already be on the cards. It is a great month to be open to change and to see the bigger picture, especially if you have been considering making long-term changes but have been reluctant to do so.

Once Mercury ends its retrograde phase on the 12th, your plans will become more practicable. However, Neptune retrograde from mid-June also suggests that you take a cautionary approach to major decisions unless, that is, you double- and triple-check your facts; and then seek additional expert advice, too.

Pulse points will revolve around the Sagittarian Full Moon on the 3rd; the Mercury and Neptune 'stations' on the 12th and 13th; and the New Moon in the small hours of the 17th, especially for Geminis, Pisces, Virgos, and Sagittarians, and also for other signs, if you have strong elements of any of these signs in your astrological chart. The week beginning on the 22nd should be upbeat, as beautiful aspects from Jupiter and Venus to Uranus will prove to be motivational, especially for Leos, Aries, Taureans, Aquarians, Librans, and Scorpios, although everyone will sense a changing tide this month, due to the spirit of adventure and expansion.

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