A resolution, revelation or the outcome of your hard work could stimulate an entirely new approach to life through fresh insight and ventures this month.

Celestial giants Uranus and Pluto continue to play out their cosmic dance that has been a part of our lives collectively since 2011. Another theme this month is, naturally, love: St Valentine’s Day on the 14th has a marvellous Mars and Jupiter and North Node alignment that will bring those you’re fated to be with into your environment, if not into your heart and mind, at the least.

And, although this is a leap year – when traditionally women take the initiative and propose marriage - the Mars alignment with the Aquarian New Moon on the 9th advises caution – even if a leap of faith seems more appropriate. So how will this contradiction play out?

If you’re used to being courageous (generally if you have a strong fire element or cardinal signs predominant in your astrological chart), you’ll find the New Moon phase after the 9th inspiring and motivational. But if you prefer to take things step by step, you may find the odd-ball energy in February a little overwhelming – if not plain silly, what with the hubbub surrounding hearts and chocolates mid-month and on February 29!

That said, romance in the larger sense - all things you love in life, such as a good book, movie, meal and/or travel to an idyllic spot - can most definitely blossom in February, as there is a healing aspect to events, with planet-asteroid Chiron upping the ante for those with big hearts and broad shoulders.

Work-wise, this is certainly the month to put your back into your work – and your life in general - as the Virgo Full Moon on the 23rd will support your efforts – in potentially unexpected ways, too. Keep an eye out for light-bulb ideas, especially towards the end of the month; and for chances to improve your circumstances, because during this month, you’re setting the precedent for the year ahead.

Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’.