August's leonine theme is all about family, finding strength in numbers, and being more proactive.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will all pass through the zodiac sign of Leo this month, bringing an upbeat tone to developments. So if you're ready to make dynamic changes within your life, this month's astro-climate will certainly help you!

August's leonine flavour will also prove to be uplifting and at least motivational, especially for Leos and Aquarians. With Venus retrograde, you may re-evaluate what is truly important to you right now. In addition, if you have strong Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarian elements in your astrological chart, a reunion or a visit to an old haunt could become particularly relevant or appealing this month.

The New Moon in Leo on the night of the 14th will add to the sense that exciting change is in the air. If there ever was a time to reinvent yourself, this could be it! That said, the Leo theme is also largely about believing in yourself. So, if the going has been a little tough for you over recent months, this New Moon will help you to seek the support you require, and to begin to roar a little more in life yourself! The Leo theme is also about family; about strength in numbers and about being proactive about the changes you wish to implement in life.

The Full Moon on the 30th will be a Supermoon and it will be in the dreamy sign of Pisces, so you can expect this Supermoon to be powerful on many levels; you may be particularly inspired to tune into your instincts and to dream a little and, if you've embarked on a spiritual journey, this Supermoon could catapult you to a fresh understanding of life and the universe in general.

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