The predominant themes this month should prove motivational, says our resident astrologer, Patsy Bennett.

Two predominant themes this month should prove motivational: the idea that progress will occur on the one hand; and being practical about moving forward on the other. If you’re in the thick of fast-moving developments now, or if you feel you’ve been misunderstood or misrepresented, a window around the New Moon on the 12th will accommodate a fresh approach – not only of your own, but also of the people whose lives you touch. And, in the process of adopting a new attitude, a healing, uplifting or otherwise positive form of progress can arise this month.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 12th will align with Chiron, the planet-asteroid astrologers associate with healing and vulnerabilities. Known as the ‘Wounded Healer’ in Greek mythology, Chiron represents the healing process astrologically. The sense that a healing event will occur and can point toward a positive outcome will manifest in specific areas in your life, and most notably in areas that were intense during October, and this should present considerable relief.

Early in November, lovely alignments of Mercury, Mars and Venus with Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune, suggest that seeds planted and projects planned just before the New Moon on the 12th should take off especially well.

However, the second predominant theme this month, that of practicalities, planning and strategy, cannot be ignored. It’s vital that plans hatched in November are realistic, and that they are based on facts, not fiction. The tough aspects between Saturn, Mercury and Neptune later in the month hint at projects that could lead to mistakes being made, engagements missed, and opportunities lost if plans are not executed in practical and realistic ways.

Luckily, the Gemini Full Moon on the 26th will highlight the merits of good communication skills, facilitating your distinction between fact and fiction, especially if you put facts ahead of expectations, and information ahead of hopes and illusions. If your planning and strategy are well executed this month, the end of November could signal a real breakthrough with plans that, until then, were merely pie in the sky.

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