Happy New Year! 2016 has kicked off to a flying start with Mars in Scorpio, bringing your passions and a sense of adventure to the forefront.

But with Mercury retrograde from January 6 until Australia Day, this is a ‘mixed bag’ start to the year, as your projects may be put on hold or slower to develop than you’d hope. The up-side is that you’ll get the chance to catch up, to consolidate or to reconcile with the past in some way.
And, whether this ‘catch up’ pertains to paperwork and long-overdue talks, reunions or simply delays to progress, this is best approached patiently, avoiding restlessness, frustration and impulsiveness that will only undo all your hard work.

The recent New Moon in earthy Capricorn will help you to be practical and grounded, and will provide incentive and the motivation to move ahead in methodical ways with goals that are closest to your heart.

The Venus alignment with Chiron mid-month will help to clarify your priorities. In connection, the ongoing alignment between the Moon’s North Node and Jupiter this month will bring particular people into your environment who have a key role to play in your life, whether they arrive fleetingly, or create specific opportunities for progress.

For some, karmic relationships will be particularly relevant, as you either manage to free yourself of the ties that bind, or meet someone who seems distinctly familiar or opens doors for you. So relationships are set to step to a new level, especially around the Leo Full Moon on the 24th. Singles, especially Leos, Aquarians, Sagittarians and Geminis, could meet that someone special, although the magnitude of the Jupiter-North Node alignment will be felt across the board and by all the sun signs, and not only in your personal life but also professionally, so keep an eye out for opportunities to progress.

This really is the year to add structure to your plans and to strategise, because as the year progresses, you’ll get the opportunity to build your dreams, step by step, brick by brick.

Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’.