Push forward the boundaries of possibility in October, and you could excel; the strong Venusian theme this month certainly favours the courageous!

The Sun will be in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, for most of October, the New Moon on the 13th will be in Libra, and the supermoon full moon on the 27th will be in Taurus, a sign also ruled by Venus. And, while Venus is the planet astrologers traditionally associate with beauty and love, make no mistake: Venusian cosmic influences will promote manifestation of desires ... And the quickest way to manifest desires is by being brave, with a heart of steel!

Earlier in the month, an alignment between the Moon’s North Node and celestial messenger Mercury presages significant meetings between people whose souls are aligned in some way now; so look out for networking and social opportunities that could lead to lovely, romantic or profitable outcomes, especially once Mercury has ended its retrograde phase on the 10th. An alignment between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto on the 17th suggests you’ll enjoy boosting your credentials and profile by way of effort, optimism and seeing opportunity where you least expect it.

The pitfalls this month? Opportunism, exaggerated expectations and unrealistic goals, especially at the beginning of the month and towards the 22nd. But if you maintain perspective, the sky’s the limit, especially around the Full Moon on the 27th, as Venus will be in alignment with Jupiter, the planet astrologers associate with abundance and good fortune.

However, sometimes, to attain bigger-picture goals, we must sacrifice either a preconception, a value or even an existing (but outdated) aim. Choose carefully which goals you’ll devote time and energy to this month, as you could take that one step closer towards success, but this will depend largely on where you place your values: and these, themselves, may take a new tangent.

The cosmic influence for lovers and love lives in October? Venus has a habit of surprising even the doubters; love will always win.

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