Nature & Health's resident astrologer says February is all about creativity and romance!

Let your inner artist and romantic out in February: Venus in Pisces until the 21st will encourage art, philosophy, romance, spirituality and ideals - it will put the wind beneath your wings! So let your imagination flow: the stars will promote lightbulb moments and illuminating ideas, romance and intriguing mysteries.

With this uplifting cosmic climate, practicalities and reason could fly out the window, so be aware that you’ll need to back up inspired plans with logical steps, and be realistic about attaining your goals. Luckily, the Full Moon on the 4th will revitalise many areas of your life; not least your lust for life.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little lacklustre of late, rest assured that February will kick-start a more upbeat phase. And, once Mercury ends its retrograde phase mid-month, you’ll soon get back on track with communications, travel and relationships, especially if any of these areas have been stuck in the mud recently.

The New Moon on the 19th will be this year's second-closest Supermoon*. Supermoons can signal particularly sensational or emotional times. This will also be the second New Moon in Aquarius in a lunar month, emphasising that you’ll get the chance to be more creative, more innovative, and more inventive in the process of broadening your horizons.

Mars will pleasantly aspect Saturn towards the end of February, which will help you to create more stability both at work and at home, so jump on the bandwagon this month: build stability through invention, innovation and ideals, and anchor your dreams in reality.

*The ‘Supermoon’ category was devised by astrologer Richard Nolle, to denote the time when the Moon's orbit is 90 percent or greater of its closest approach to Earth in a given cycle. A Supermoon can be at a New Moon and a Full Moon, and 'closeness' is denoted by the Moon being within 361,836 kilometres (224,834 miles) of the Earth.

Patsy Bennett is an astrologer with over 20 years experience.