What's in store for you this month? Astrologer Patsy Bennett has the scoop.

December’s stars will prepare you for a bright and sparkly New Year, largely because the cosmic climate will ask you to take a leap of faith: and to believe in your dreams. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in fire sign Sagittarius at the start of December; and Saturn preparing to step into Sagittarius at Christmas will produce just that little extra positive energy you need to propel yourself forward with a smile toward your aims and goals.

The Full Moon on December 6 really will kick off the ‘silly season’ and this year, invitations and news will grab your attention and enable you to draw your own conclusions about debates, conversations and options: it’s onwards and upwards as you contemplate flipping the calendar into the New Year. And, with an upbeat step in your stride, you never know how far you can go until you take that first step …

However, as Saturn prepares to leave intense Scorpio and to step into upbeat Sagittarius on December 24, this could dredge up fears and unresolved matters in the weeks leading up to Christmas, unless you feel ready to let bygones go; and to adopt a fresh approach to old issues. Events will ask you to resolve unfinished business which has accumulated over the past two years.

The New Moon on the 22nd suggests that the more compassionate, practical and realistic you are, the better your prospects. All very timely: tying up loose ends at this time of year is certainly par for the course, and with the clash (or 90-degree angle) between Uranus and Pluto on December 15, you’ll get the chance to step into a new understanding and to step up to a challenge if need be. The birth of fresh incentives and renewed motivation will prevail as you turn a page into the New Year, with hope and your head held high.

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Photo credit: Mireille Merlet-Shaw for APN