Savasana - yoga's pose of pure rest - is a worthy stand-alone, and a good choice for home practice.

This quiet, symmetrical pose invites us to let go completely - no thinking, no moving, no mattering. Time spent lying down on the back in savasana allows the body and mind to absorb the benefits of the preceding class poses and sequences. Here are a few ways to get the best from your savasana:

* Cradle the head: Scrunch a soft blanket under the head and neck. Draw chin to chest to ensure the back of the neck is long and aligned with the spine. Relax the weight of the head into the support to soften hard-working facial and neck muscles.

* Indulge the back: Slip a rolled blanket or pillow under the knees to reduce pressure on the lower back and encourage any niggles here to release. For extra softness, run a blanket along the length of the mat for the whole body to sink into.

* Pamper the eyes: Cover them with an eye pillow or cloth. The soothing weight and darkness provided gives tiny eye muscles respite from the usual brightness, movement and artificial lighting which can contribute to visual strain and overstimulation.

* Notice and soften: Mentally scan the body, searching for areas of tightness, soreness or stiffness. Consciously soften the face, jawline, shoulders, hips, and any other areas that you may habitually hold tight.

* Do not disturb: Minimise noise and interruptions by choosing a quiet place to rest, and let family members or colleagues know you are not to be disturbed.

* Set a timer for 20 minutes: Allow space to slow the mind and melt physical tensions. Using a timer should quiet down mental chatter about how long you’ve been resting for and reduce concerns about falling asleep.

* Cover up: In stillness, the body temperature drops. Drape a sheet or blanket from toes to neck to keep cosy. The warmth and weight of the covering feels good.

* Own it: Know that you truly deserve this ‘mini-holiday’ and enjoy feeling more alert, balanced and refreshed after your practice.

Bronni Page wants to live in a world where chaos is out and calm is in! She specialises in
Restorative Yoga and teaches in Newcastle and Lake Maquarie NSW. Contact Bronni:, or 0411 696370.