The fascinating science of fractology marries modern energy healing work with ancient spiritual skills to reconnect you to the infinite energy of the Universe.

Look around you and the natural environment seems to be in dynamic chaos. But look closer and you will notice a vast array of self-similar patterns everywhere in nature, from tree branches to snowflakes’ intricacies, the rhythmic shapes of seashells and clouds, the movement of rivers and lightning, even weather changes. These patterns are called fractals. We are also fractals, with patterns that repeat on every level of our being. These patterns can sometimes be disrupted, causing disease and discomfort. However, healing can be achieved by restoring our exclusive fractal pattern.

“Fractology is an advanced form of energy work based on the unique pattern of each person’s consciousness,” explains Dr Catherine Wilkins, chiropractor and founder of this distinct science of awareness. “Our consciousness creates unique underlying fractal patterns that are connected to what I call ‘who we truly are’, which is our very own essence. A fractal is a pattern which is repeated over and over to build up a more complex pattern; it is built out of infinite smaller repetitions of itself. When these fractal patterns are in harmony with your true essence they are strong and clear, but when they are in disharmony they are distorted and weak. Fractology is a form of holographic healing, which is healing that works simultaneously on all the different parts of the hologram - that is, dimensions, times, universes, levels - to create healing which is transformative and long-ranging for both the body and consciousness.”

Fractal, not fiction

Fractals and holograms might seem daunting, but this is no science fiction. Fractology is a very precise healing system based on research that supports a compelling link between strong fractal patterns and good health, including studies conducted on the connection between fractal heartbeat and cardiac health and that of fractal gait and musculoskeletal health.

The word ‘fractal’ was coined by 20th century mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot, to suggest fractured or irregular geometry, such as the uneven shapes found in nature. “Fractals have always been there but scientific understanding of them developed slowly because they’re not linear, and so are not as easy to understand as a square or circle,” adds Wilkins. The key to understanding fractals is in the detail: fractals are self-similar to each other, but never the same. You will find the same pattern repeated on many different scales, but if you look closely they are quite different. Our bodies are also self-similar, with patterns repeating at different levels. Chinese and Indian cultures have known this for centuries, mapping the whole body onto a single part, such as the feet, ears or eyes. Each individual is different and their fractal pattern is unique, but modern medicine treats everyone the same. This is the essence of fractology: to access each person’s unique fractal pattern and heal them individually.

“A fractal is self-referencing,” says Wilkins. “That is, if part of the fractal is broken it can look at ‘itself’ - at another part of the pattern - and see what the broken part should be like. Humans are self-referencing, too. For example, our immune system looks at what is going on and matches that to its sense of itself - what matches is safe-guarded, what doesn’t is disposed of. When this self-referencing system works well, we are healthy. When it doesn’t, we allow in too much and get infections, or we attack a part of ourselves and develop auto-immune diseases.

Universal consciousness

“A fractal is also a way of organising incredible amounts of information in a useful way we can make sense of,” adds Wilkins. “It is a way our finite or linear minds can comprehend the infinite. By working with the fractal structure of the Universe we can consciously access more of this information and become more aware. For example, psychics or sensitives are able to make sense of these subtle systems, instead of screening them out.”

Fractals have long been part of higher consciousness and awareness: before computers came along to study fractals in-depth, there was the Egyptian flower of life, a sacred pattern which consists of repetitions of a circular pattern, and ancient Indian mandala patterns. “Energetic healing or ‘laying on of hands’ is also incredibly old,” adds Wilkins. “Originally it was considered a siddhi (miracle) or spiritual accomplishment because it requires control of our energy. Fractology is the further development of these venerable traditions, taking energetic work out of the realm of mysticism and giving it a systematic, peer-reviewable approach.”

A hologram is a three-dimensional image produced by the interaction of coherent light. If you look at a hologram from different angles, you will see different perspectives, just like you were viewing the real object. But the incredible aspect of a hologram is that if you cut one in half, or even cut out a tiny fraction of it, that piece will contain the entire original image! The theory of holographic healing - which draws from ancient healing traditions as well as modern quantum mechanics and physics - is that our physical body is a holographic projection of our pure essence, which exists in other dimensions, and that the universe is an infinite ‘consciousness’ hologram. We are three-dimensional beings that receive energy (information) from this source, which determines our physical reality, and when this flow of energy is interrupted we experience trauma and imbalance.

Detecting a signal

“Being able to work with a number of levels is not enough for holographic healing because the hologram is infinite,” says Wilkins. “For healing to be truly holographic, it has to have the same infinite reach. And because fractals are the same pattern repeated infinitely it creates a way for holographic healing to be systematic and thus create consistent and reliable results. Not all holographic healing is the same as fractology – other forms rely more on intuition alone, while a fractology practitioner is trained to perceive the resonant fractal signal which we all produce. When all our cells and energy are operating at this resonance, things go well – but when we are operating at a different signal, we have a whole lot of white noise in our system.”

The fractology practitioner uses their awareness of the client’s fractal to bring their energy into resonance with it. “This creates a strong ‘signal’ which the client’s system should be operating from, the signal of their soul or consciousness, of who they truly are, whether they remember it or not,” says Wilkins. “Wherever the person is having a problem, it is here that they have forgotten their true self, become disconnected and ended up with a distorted or broken fractal pattern. Sometimes these distortions can have connections over large areas, such as past lives, across dimensions or into the person’s genetic background.”

The practitioner then holds this resonance until the client’s vibration begins to remember and operate at that resonance and learns to retain it. In this way, fractology differs from other energy healing modalities where a practitioner simply gives a client good energy, which not only drains the practitioner of energy but, if the client loses this good energy, they will not know how to get more without the practitioner. “We match the energy of the client, focusing on the area in which the fractal is broken or distorted. When we match vibrations a resonant connection occurs,” says Wilkins. “Then we shift energy in the direction of health - the clear areas of the fractal pattern let us know what that is like - not so far as to lose the connection, but enough to weaken it. Then we hold it there. The client’s system shifts to regain full connection, at which point we will shift the vibration again. In this way, we can lead the client’s system in the direction of their optimum wellbeing. It is a ‘pace and lead’ technique, applied energetically. When you connect to and live from your true resonance, you are living in the integrity of your soul and are doing what you came to do in this lifetime.”

Success stories

Jane Bennett, Dru yoga and meditation teacher: “I had what the doctor called chronic fatigue, as my fatigue hadn’t been diagnosed after many tests. After Dr Wilkins’ diagnosis of insecticide through my body, I worked with fractology at home, using her book, and also had personal and phone sessions. She cleaned and cleared negative energy within my fractal pattern and helped me to heal on increasingly higher levels, always strengthening my experience of who I really am. Now I am living life to the fullest, and have extremely enjoyable levels of energy, joy and spirituality.”

William Eickhoff, technical specialist: “In hindsight I can say that my difficulties were mostly about restoring lost and damaged connections to my true self on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Fractology helped me find myself again, after a severe illness and associated near-death experience had left me in a psychotic state, with severe post-traumatic stress syndrome and my health and my relationship in ruins.”

Monika von Koss, psychoanalyst and author: “I did several sessions related to personal psychological and spiritual development, and I have become more conscious on so many levels. My mind is clearer, I am more certain about how I see the world and react to life. I am no longer tormented by conflicts. I don’t get tired so easily; I recover quicker from any injury. I am simply more of who I am. As a translator, I have also witnessed many sessions and seen amazing results for very severe physical conditions - you could see the person’s transformation at the end of the session and, as I kept seeing more of them, I could tell that the transformation lasted.”

Estelle Cainey, personal development life coach and fractology practitioner: “Fractology is a system that includes both physical and non-physical matrixes of life, and helps them operate together, rather than in an opposing way. Fractology is a framework that anyone can use. It is transformative and doesn’t require belief to achieve results.”

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