Bruce Lipton is the best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, which was a major breakthrough in showing how our bodies can be changed by retraining our thinking. In his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect (Hay House Australia), he suggests that we can actually create Heaven on earth.

Can you explain your vision? I’d like to suggest we were born into Heaven: this is a place to be creative; all the visions and dreams we can imagine are do-able right here.

Why is it hard to maintain what you call ‘exalted states of mind’, like love? In our busy world, it’s hard to stay mindful and operate from our conscious minds. And if we listen to our inner dialogue, it’s predominantly self-sabotaging messages from our subconscious mind. When we alter our own inner dialogue, we change our programmed beliefs - and we change our lives. The conscious, creative mind is not always present; it can let go of controlling the present moment. For example, when you’re driving and someone asks you a question, your conscious mind becomes busy thinking, and your subconscious mind takes over control of your behaviour, including the driving. Science reveals that 95 to 99 percent of our lives is controlled by the subconscious, which has been programmed since you were born. When your conscious mind isn’t paying attention, such as during that five-minute conversation while you’re driving, your subconscious mind is in control. The moment your conscious mind is thinking then, by default, your behaviour is controlled by your subconscious pre-programming.

How is the unconscious mind self-sabotaging? During the first seven years of life, the brain is primarily operating at theta EEG brain waves, a functional state of hypnosis. During this period, we unconsciously download behavioural programs, by recording our family and culture’s behaviour. Much of it comes from parents who act like coaches, goading us to do better, saying things like, “That’s not good enough”. But in theta, the child’s brain simply records, “I’m not good enough”. And when your conscious mind is busy 95 to 99 percent of the time, these subconscious beliefs are controlling your behaviour.

Can we re-write negative programs? Absolutely! Rewriting negative subconscious programming allows your conscious, creative mind to control your life in a more positive direction. Personally, I have changed my programs to manifest the belief that I live in Heaven. Since then, I have found a loving partner, a doctor-free life, a creative community, and a wonderful career. I now live in a world created by my conscious mind’s belief system and that is why I enjoy Heaven on Earth.

What happens when we get out of the program? When not engaging pre-programmed subconscious behaviour, we control our lives with our creative mind. Consider what happens when you fall in love. No matter how unsuccessful your life was before, when you fell in love you became healthy, possessed tremendous energy, and your life experiences were tantamount to living Heaven on Earth. Science recognises that when we fall in love, we stay present in our creative conscious mind and don’t default to pre-existing subconscious programs.

How do our beliefs affect our health? In my university community, the subject of ‘consciousness’ always stopped the conversations for the topic was considered unscientific. However, my research revealed a direct connection between mind and body. My stem cell cultures revealed that the environment (culture medium) controlled cells’ genetics and fate. Consider this: a human body is not a single organism; it is a community of 50 trillion cells. We are actually skin-covered petri dishes, and the culture medium in our body is blood. What controls the composition of this blood-culture medium? The brain. When we respond to our perceptions of life, the brain releases cell-controlling chemicals into our blood. For example, when you’re in love, the brain releases positive hormones like oxytocin; if you’re frightened, it releases stress hormones. These neurochemicals control cellular genetics and behaviour. As you change your perceptions in life, you change your cells’ health. Our genes – our very DNA – can be manipulated by our beliefs.

What has been your experience of using your creative mind more? Once I started to be mindful, I took more responsibility for my own life. For example, when I’m in the car at a traffic light, I listen to my inner discussion. I change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, such as, “I love myself” or “I can do this”. Once I started controlling my life with my heart’s feelings, which is a very different experience from thinking with my head, my life has been healthier, happier, and more harmonious.

How can we rewrite negative subconscious programs? There are four main ways. Hypnosis, which is how we learned the programs in the first seven years of life. Repetition and creating habits, which is the general way we acquire subconscious programs after age seven. After an overwhelming life experience, such as a health crisis. And energy psychology – new belief modification programs that engage the brain’s super-learning processes, and change programs in minutes

So we’re back to the topic of love … When a child is criticised, their subconscious records that they are not good enough, not loveable. If you can’t love yourself and someone says they love you, your mind won’t believe them and that will sabotage relationships. But if a parent tells their child that they’re powerful, guess what? The child will grow up believing and behaving that way.

What does a life lived with love mean to you? As a scientist, I used to work only from my head. When the amazing insights about the new biology came into my mind, I felt it first in my heart. I was overwhelmed with joy. I refer to this experience as a ‘heart orgasm’. I had never felt anything like it in my life. My heart opened to the love and feeling of being on this planet: the beauty of Nature, our environment and the amazing expression of the biosphere.
The biggest problem in our world is that we’re operating 95 percent from our pre-programmed subconscious; these behaviours do not support our desires and wishes. When we play these programs, our conscious mind is not present. Consequently, we don’t see what we’re doing. We are playing other people’s programs. I might wake up one morning and decide I will be healthy, loved and find a good job. Then I come home at night, beaten that I didn’t get the job; I’m tired, and still loveless. We may believe that the world is against us, that fate is against us. But the problem isn’t ‘out there,’ the problem comes from within. Because we can’t see this self-sabotaging behaviour, we perceive the outside world as the source of our problems and, unfortunately, disown responsibility for what happens to us.

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