It's official: orgasms are better for your brain power than crosswords …

Just as an inactive lifestyle promotes obesity, an asexual existence may contribute to dulled cognition, according to research from Rutgers University which has found a significant connection between orgasm and cerebral prowess.

O for oxygenation

Research has already shown that an orgasm can boost mood (via release of ‘happy hormones’ – endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin); improves circulation (by increasing heart and respiratory rate); relieves stress; and eases pain. Now tackin on a fifth reason to have an orgasm, Rutgers University researchers Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise found that a woman’s orgasm increases blood flow to ALL parts of her brain. This finding is important because a complete surge of circulation throughout the head is not seen in other activities; and it has a load of mental health benefits.

Orgasms actually nourish the brain with oxygen. Komisaruk explains, “Functional MRI images show that women’s brains utilise much more oxygen during orgasm than usual.” Mental exercises such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku were observed to increase activity in certain areas of the brain; however, only orgasm increases activity across the entire brain. Although not directly proven, experts believe that increasing circulation throughout the entire brain may yield increased intelligence and mental acuity, and a reduced risk of senility, Alzheimer’s, and stroke or transient ischaemic attacks.

This Nature & Health natural health news item was sourced from materials provided by Rutgers University.