Find out what 2013 has in store for you – in mind, body and spirit. Astrologer Patsy Bennett shows you how to make the most of your year ahead.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

Mind: Your enterprising spirit and ability to pick up on undercurrents will help you to broaden horizons and to discard worn-out routines in 2013. And your absolute determination to succeed will help you achieve goals. You’ll feel optimistic about new emotional experiences, and this year brings significant change within your relationships.
Body: May and early November are turning points, in which you could excel both in your personal life and in your career. You’ll succeed all the more by being grounded and taking care of your body with great food and exercise. Meditation will help you to make informed decisions and to avoid taking irrational risks.
Spirit: Uranus continues its spiritual wake-up call, encouraging you to investigate your own potential. You’ll enjoy balancing the remarkable new insight you’ll gain in 2013 with relaxing pursuits such as yoga. The call to broaden your spiritual horizons will become insurmountable mid-year and in November, as you investigate your unique life purpose.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Mind: Willpower is the key to success in 2013, and the more diligent and organised you are, the better your staying power. You’ll enjoy marking your goals and recording your progress; this way, your finances and health will stay on track. And you’ll relish going easy on yourself too: the better you treat yourself, the better your relationships.
Body: Being physically fit will appeal this year, as will regular workouts and a nutritious diet. You may be tempted to push yourself too hard from March through to July, but if you strengthen physical fitness during this time, you’ll enjoy an energy boost August to October. A new look could appeal later in the year; December will see you on top form.
Spirit: Enjoy setting time aside for yourself to relax and meditate; this way, you’ll savour the year’s triumphs and rise to its challenges, too. July through to November are perfect months to practise meditation or yoga; a course or a retreat could appeal then, too. Your relationships, health, work and zest will all improve as a result.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Mind: You’ll power ahead by implementing your bright ideas, especially in the first six months, as a career change or a new direction will entice you. You’ll withstand opposition to your plans end of May and early November by combining your inspired ideas with practicalities. Your intuition will sparkle, helping you make great life choices.
Body: 2013 will see you more physically active and living increasingly off your nerves, so plan to replenish energy levels, especially in March, July and end of October/early November. Remember to pace yourself and to share the load – expert advice will help you to blossom, especially with a physical workout or healthy diet.
Spirit: Open your heart to your spirituality, especially in January and February; and then again in the last six months of 2013. As your intuition and psychic prowess develops, you’ll increasingly indulge the spiritual side of life. Study, travel and religion will feed your soul, enriching your understanding of life.

Cancer (June 22-July 23)

Mind: You’ll enjoy thinking outside the square in 2013, which will help you to negotiate exciting opportunities to broaden your mind, especially in January and mid-July. A compassionate yet determined approach will help you succeed with implementing ideas - despite opposition - at work and with your health and relationships.
Body: You’ll be tempted to push yourself hard in the first half of the year. June Cancerians, especially, could see fluctuating energy levels in May and November, when a carefully planned fitness routine will refresh you. Personal matters bloom from June on, although your waistline could blossom too, so stick to healthy choices.
Spirit: Your interest in spirituality will flourish in 2013, although your ideas may be challenged by some close to you. Your desire to be well-informed spiritually will lead you to investigate new realms. As new seeds of learning germinate, you’ll emerge like a butterfly into a new appreciation of life.

Leo (July 24-August 23)

Mind: You’re seeking inspiration in 2013; and you’ll find it, especially within your relationships. You’ll be drawn to like-minded bright sparks and humanitarian causes; towards teamwork and partnerships. Being a natural-born leader, an inclusive attitude will help you to make healthy connections and to avoid power struggles midyear.
Body: You’ll embrace a more relaxed routine and Zen-like approach to your health and relationships in 2013. In the second half of the year especially, you’ll tune into a more balanced lifestyle, as your activities synch more harmoniously with your thoughts and ideals. Enjoy experimenting with a new look.
Spirit: You’ll let your inner idealist out this year. As well as being liberating, it will introduce new possibilities as you embrace new ideas. Your relationships, especially, will be touched by your newfound spirit of adventure as you take a leap of faith into a more giving and outgoing approach to life.

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

Mind: You’re looking for an ideal in a partner and at work, and yet in 2013 some of your most memorable events will arise through people and events in all their imperfections. Your understanding of others will grow as you embrace developments in your personal life, especially in May, August and November.
Body: Being in tip-top condition physically will help you to fine-tune your mind. A core-strength fitness regime, such as Pilates, will keep you on top of a busy schedule. You could be easily distracted or even misled this year, so minimise this risk by being physically and mentally fit.
Spirit: You’ll enjoy investigating new realms of spiritual awareness. The first two months of 2013 and the last three are particularly transformational. You’ll be attracted to spiritual groups, especially in the second half of the year. You may be surprised by the leap of faith you take as a result.

Libra (September 24-October 22)

Mind: It’s all hands on deck as you get your work, finances, health and relationships ship-shape. You’ll succeed by being flexible and using practical time management techniques to focus on what works in your life - and what doesn’t. Set the intention to succeed, and succeed you will.
Body: You’ll work - and play - hard this year. Keep the peace at home as this will free up your time for a busy work schedule. Focus on sensible health routines: adequate sleep, good food and regular exercise. Your interest in alternative health will blossom towards the end of the year.
Spirit: A deeper understanding of the mysteries of life will gradually flourish, largely due to your own deep-seated faith. This faith - in the universe, mankind, yourself, or a religious order - will help you to solve problems, and to achieve a deeper understanding of someone close.

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

Mind: You’ll embrace a fresh approach to life in 2013, as you enjoy a more outgoing attitude to relationships. By pushing forwards with strength and determination, and by using your instincts, you’ll adapt to the demands of work, health, family and relationships, especially during pivotal periods at the end of April, May and November.
Body: Saturn in Scorpio in 2013 means your hard work will pay off. Luckily, supportive collaborations will take some of the load off your shoulders, especially in the second half of the year. Stress-busting workouts will create a sense of calm at the end of May and early November.
Spirit: Your peace of mind is a premium in 2013, and you’ll increasingly enjoy pursuing mood-enhancing activities, such as swimming and surfing. You’re prone to overindulgence and yet in 2013, you could discover true satisfaction through a renewed belief both in yourself and in a greater power.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 22)

Mind: Collaborations, teamwork, partnerships and romance will blossom in 2013. It’s an exciting and larger-than-life year and you’ll maintain perspective by being discerning and choosing your activities carefully. You’ll feel increasingly inspired by a new domestic environment mid-year as your mindset spells out: ‘I love life!’
Body: 2013 will keep you busy, so get mentally and physically fit. If you’re sporty, nutritious food is a must to avoid depleting your reserves. Health concerns from last year will be moved forwards by a group, friend or organisation. You could find caring for someone else to be uplifting for both parties.
Spirit: You’ll chase spiritual rainbows in 2013 - whether you find a pot of gold depends on how practical you are, as domestic developments will require a hands-on approach, especially midyear. You’ll enjoy the fresh inspiration and understanding which comes as a result of combining your spiritual search with daily demands.

Capricorn (December 23-January 30)

Mind: You’ll be easily sidetracked in 2013, be this by attractive people or by a changeable domestic or work situation. Your intuition is in top form, especially from July onwards, and this will help you to maintain perspective despite distractions. Technology and a deeper understanding of others will keep your mind focused.
Body: This could be a physically demanding year, especially during the first six months. Rest assured, you’ll gain stamina and strength as the year progresses. An influential person could enter your life, such as a dietary or exercise expert and, as a result, you’ll find sticking to a healthy routine much easier.
Spirit: Turning points in May and November will encourage you to investigate psychic phenomena, such as telepathy. You’ll discover you’re psychically on the same wavelength as someone close – or the opposite: that you’re on two different paths. This will enable you to make a crucial decision about your future.

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

Mind: The eclipses in May and November will test your commitment to a particular course of action, and you’ll overcome challenges once you set your mind to achieving your goals. Travel and study will keep your interest up this year and will play an important role in your search for deeper meaning in life.
Body: As you’ll be pushing forwards into new experiences, a new look could suit the ‘new you’! You’ll be busy in 2013, but with a little extra diligence in the first six months, you’ll manage to fit a workout into your schedule. By September, your strength, stamina and grace will flourish, giving you a sense of wellbeing.
Spirit: Let your inner extrovert out in 2013. March through July, especially, could see your spiritual interests soar. And, once they do, new opportunities will arise. You may need to make an extra effort to be practical this year, and spiritual guidance will keep you grounded and realistic.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Mind: 2013 will be easier for you, because you’ve gained strength and resilience over the past few years. Continuing to be attentive in your personal life and also your career will certainly pay off. You’ll enjoy firing up your imagination in 2013. Your compassionate approach to others spells success in relationships.
Body: You’re liable to live off your nerves in 2013, so Pisces-friendly activities like yoga and swimming will provide stress-busting solutions to soothe nerves. Be transparent about your own health concerns – and those of people close to you – as open discussion about health issues will lead to deeper relationships.
Spirit: Neptune and Chiron in your sign are ideal allies for spiritual progress and, once these planets align midyear with Saturn and Jupiter, you’ll freewheel into a deeper spiritual understanding. 2013 is the ideal year to turn abstract hopes and wishes into something more concrete; to make a dream real - because you can.

Patsy Bennett is an astrologer and psychic with over 20 years’ experience. She offers personal consultations via email, telephone or online.