Knowing your life purpose is a key to fulfillment. But how do you find out? It’s in the stars, says astrologer Patsy Bennett.


The key to discovering your life purpose is this: loving what you do and being good at it. You’ll naturally be good at activities you love simply because you’re a dynamo with so much energy; and when you fill your life with events and people you love, you can excel; it'll be hard for you to fail.


You must find value in what you do because when you value your activities, you’ll value the outcome, too, which will add to your sense of fulfilment. So, consider what - and who - truly motivates you; and which areas of life deliver true feel-good factors? If it's family, devote time to them; if it's your career, find ways to excel.


Follow your instincts: you’ll discover your life purpose which, being the multi-talented person you are, will manifest on many platforms. You're a live wire and so you tend to speed through life and forget to smell the roses. It's vital you keep track of your destination, and consult your gut feelings regularly, or your journey can be fraught with distractions.


Look after number 1. We’re mostly encouraged to look after others, and yet looking after yourself first will enable you to look after everyone else so much better. And this will feel fulfilling because your life purpose includes nurturing others, especially family. Big-picture activities will then fall into place all the better.


You like to shine like a star, but will this fulfil your purpose? Managing to be the best you can be is your key to a sense of fulfilment, because when you do, you believe in yourself, which will increase your self-worth. Boosting self-esteem is vital, as lack of self-esteem can lead to doubts and fears, and block your willingness to enjoy life.


You can be a perfectionist, and you'll wish to be that perfect person you know you are deep inside. You’ll fulfil a sense of purpose in life by revealing your inner diamond, and through revealing your compassionate nature by being kind and helpful. Because in so doing, you feel appreciated and understood, bringing a deep sense of purpose.


Although you seek harmony in life, you can be wracked with indecision and insecurities. Find a way to settle your mind and you’ll gain perspective about your unique sense of purpose. You have an aptitude for music and creativity, and the arts will provide insight into your true heart’s desires, which will provide a sense of balance and peace.


You can be intense and dynamic and you can find yourself drawn into drama. To find a sense of purpose, maintain a clear conscience, because when you do, you’ll avoid contributing to intensity and crises. Familiarise yourself with your aptitude for loyalty and commitment, which will bring a sense of contentment.


You can be competitive and adventurous and you’ll gain a sense of purpose when you channel these tendencies into healthy outlets, such as sport, travel, research and study. You’ll feel motivated by attaining your goals. Picture contentment and then work on making your mental images reality in your life.


You can be tough on yourself, as you like to aim high and gain prestige in life. To attain a sense of purpose, ensure your self-talk is positive, not negative. Make your goals positive and realistic and take step-by-step measures towards accomplishment. Avoid rushing, and you’ll gain insight into what – and who - truly resonates for you.


You’re known as the ‘zany’ zodiac sign, and yet your accomplishments speak volumes about your ability to be realistic and practical. Combine your creativity with your wisdom and experience to gain a sense of purpose: and let your inner quirkiness out! Be genuine about yourself, and you’ll find expressing what truly fulfils you much easier.


You have the natural ability to ‘tune into’ your higher mind, so take the opportunity to develop your intuition with such techniques as meditation. As a result, you’ll truly feel enlightened about how to feel personally fulfilled. You have a natural aptitude for creativity and art; also for spiritual understanding. Express this, and you’ll shine.

Patsy Bennett is the author of Astrology Secrets of the Moon (Rockpool Publishing), a must-have guide for those looking for a greater understanding of yourself and those around you. Patsy has been an astrologer for 20 years with her daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly horoscopes published in newspapers and magazines throughout Australia, including Nature & Health magazine. Patsy studied astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and is a member of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers and the International Psychics Association.