Drinking grape juice – specifically, juice made from purple Concord grapes – boosts cognitive function and driving performance in busy, stressed mums.

The relationship between Concord grape juice consumption and cognition is an emerging, but growing area of research – specifically with regard to age-related memory decline. Now, for the first time, researchers have shown that the cognitive health effects associated with the Concord grape are not exclusive to older adults and that younger, healthy women may also benefit from drinking 100 percent juice made from this dark purple berry.

Scientists from the University of Leeds conducted the research, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and focused on individuals particularly prone to stress: mothers juggling the demands of a career and raising pre-teenagers. Daily Concord grape juice consumption was associated with improvements in certain aspects of memory and driving safety. Additionally, the researchers found that the beneficial effects associated with the Concord grape continued even after participants stopped drinking this juice, suggesting that the plant nutrients, or polyphenols, in this grape may have a prolonged impact on cognitive wellbeing.

Earlier research indicates – and the authors of this study affirm – that the benefits of grape juice are likely due to the Concord grape’s unique mix of polyphenols, specifically a certain type called flavonoids. In fact, this work builds on the nearly 20 years of science that says 100 percent grape juice made with the Concord grape helps support a healthy heart – likely because of the flavonoids found naturally in the grape’s skin and seeds.